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elle_8bSeptember 19, 2006

I have not posted on here before, but I have been lurking. I thought I should post to help those other lurkers out there. I ordered Kincaids Yardley Square table and 2 leather arm chairs on Aug 5 2006. Communication with Carole was excellet and I recieved the items on Sept 16th. The delivery guys were all I could have hoped for, efficient, good communication and courteous. You'll hear from me again with pictures as I now need help putting the room together.

Thanks for letting me ramble


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Getting Great Customer Service Is Huge, Its what companies should pride them selves on. Please check out my companies website, The link attached below will take you to our website.

Here is a link that might be useful: Louden Office

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Furniture Direct and D&D Delivery's service was absolutely horrible!!!! I will never buy from Furniture Direct or have any association with D&D again.

I won't bore you with the details of the transaction, however, the customer service with both companies is EVERYTHING short of great. I have been waiting since February (it is now September) for my complete set of furniture, and neither company has shown any remorse. Whoever posted above must be someone within the company trying to build its repertoire. I give D&D Delivery and Furniture Direct a ZERO on a scale of TEN.

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I also had an absolute horrible experience a few years back!! Neither Furniture Direct or D&D Delivery took reponsability for the broken furniture they had delivered to me. Customer service rep laughed as she told me "sorry, basically your stuck and have to fix it at your own expense" I laughed as I told her I was disputing the bill with American Express. Eventually, they came back and picked up the furniture, and I had my account credited. Never ever would I recommend D&D Delivery and Furniture Direct.
One question Elle, did you mean 2006 or 2007, See Furniture Direct cant even get their dates right!!

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I don't know what you mean by the getting the date right.
I do know that since my first post one of the arms on the chair broke. It was a defect in the wood. We contacted Carol and between Furniture Direct and Kincaid the chair was replaced and delivered free of any charges. I stand by
my recommendation of Furniture Direct, D & D Delivery and Kincaid Furniture. Sorry that others had a bad experience.

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I can confirm a similar nightmare experience with both of these companies. They BOTH blame the buyer for every issue. My furniture was broken by D & D, and I am still waiting for it to be replaced. It has been almost 8 MONTHS since it was ordered and there is no progress on delivery. Of course since Furniture Direct has been paid in full, they have no reason to put forth any effort to resolve this. I am going to contact my CC company and see if I am outside of the limits to dispute the charges, I probably am, so it will be small claims in Las Vegas.....

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1 Contemporary Furniture has used D & D Delivery and other white glove services for years with excellent results. They are an independant trucking company not associated with Furniture Direct. It is not fair to blaim D & D Delivery for things that Furniture Direct does. White glove delivery is a tough business. However, it is better than leaving your furniture in the street - called curb side delivery. Give the white glove trucking companies a fair break. White glove trucking is going out of business fast. If white glove services continue to fail - 1 Contemporary and other suppliers will have no choice but to offer curb side service.

Here is a link that might be useful: 1 Contemporary Furniture

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I have found all the smaller home delivery companies, like D and D that offer this type of white glove delivery to be excellent. As with anything else in life and due to the nature of the home delivery business not every delivery is going to be perfect but 98% are. The 98% happy customers do not post on-line and a few whose deliveries did not got well might. For the most part these companies are not rolling in money and work hard to stay in business and provide a valuable service. If you think about it many of these companies can deliver a piece of furniture anywhere in the country in good condition and on a fairly timely basis for a reasonable cost. This is no easy feat. I agree with "gillfish" we should applaud these companies for the service they provide..

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