Flooring for a home gym

NorthlutMay 2, 2012

I'm looking for suggestions for the best flooring to put in a bedroom we're going to be using as a gym in our house. It's a pretty small room, so I'm not too concerned about cost.

The current floor is carpeting, which we're replacing regardless of what we decide to go with. The floor immediately outside is wood. At one time I had thought a wood floor in the gym might look nice, but not when it's going to be butting up against another wood floor (which is not the kind of wood I'd want in the gym and would probably be impossible to match anyway).

We are also replacing the carpet in the next bedroom over, and have been planning on using a fairly short pile (I hope that's the right term) carpet in there. So one thought is just to use the same carpet. But part of me wants something even shorter in the gym, and I think it might be weird to have them both have carpet but not to have it match.

I'm also sure there are concerns I haven't thought of, so lay it on me.

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It may just be me, but I'd want a "moppable" surface in a home gym. I sweat a lot when I'm working hard. Carpet in a gym has an ick factor in my opinion. Wood, tile, linoleum, vinyl - anything other than carpet.

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Yeah, we thought of that. Neither of us sweat a lot, so I'm not sure it's a huge concern for us personally. And most of the commercial gyms we've been members of have had carpet (albeit very short, commercial carpet). But I agree, something easier to clean is a big plus. On the other hand, it needs to look nice and match the overall finish level of the house, so I don't think vinyl or linoleum would do it.

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cork! I saw it used in a gym in a house i toured recently ans thought it made a lot of sense and looked great.

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I can suggest two more options here: recycled rubber flooring that you find in commercial gyms and Forbo's Flotex textile flooring. Flotex is a low-profile, carpet-like product that is resilient, hygienic and very easily maintained. I have sold and installed Flotex mostly in churches and meeting rooms, but never in a gym, but it is a suitable product for such a venue.

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I Know the perfect place! I recently ordered some interlocking rubber tiles for my garage. This place has all sorts of floors. I think something like this would go perfect in a Home gym?

Here is a link that might be useful: Rubber Floors

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I recommend a rubber tile or rubber sheet flooring. There are to many manufacturers to mention here to make any specific recommendations. The thicker the better. With dropped dumbells and slips and falls you will be thanking yourself for the thicker products. We especially like the rubber sheet made from recycled tire material (dont confuse this with the old rough commercial entry/vestibule tire tiles).

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plus the thicker the the rubber flooring, the less stress on your body for its cushion value.

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