Buy H&M Chesterfield sofa now or an in-between sofa?

huangoSeptember 13, 2008


1. Should I buy a key "investment", like this Hancock & Moore Chesterfield sofa, or a "budget" sofa for now until the kids are grown?

2. If wait, then WHAT leather sofa/loveseat (under 87" long) should I get for the interim?

I hope you can help me with my dilemma.

My family room needs a sofa/loveseat.

I have 2 children: rambunctious 4yrs old boy and dainty 2.5yrs old girl.

I like to buy key pieces of investments that I hope lasts for a long time. Thus my love for this Chesterfield. However, I am concerned that my children and their young friends will destroy this sofa, even if I slipcover it.

I already have a livingroom set. The livingroom sofa, which we painstakingly matched to the 2 chairs and ottoman, is too long for the familyroom.

IÂm thinking I should purchase an interim sofa for the familyroom, and then get the Chesterfield when the kids leave for college. I donÂt want to have a stroke every time the kids spill something or accidentally punctures the leather or somethingÂ

Your inputs would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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The Chesterfields tyle does nots eem kid friendly nor teen age friendly for lounging to me...and by the time the kids leave for college you may be thinking of a different sryle.
I would go for an interim sofa....but for sloppy kids...leather is good.
Linda C

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Well, I feel that waiting 16 years for something you want (and I assume can afford....) now is a bit silly.

I would get what I like and enjoy it.

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Leather is incredibly durable. They also usually try and sell you an insurance policy on the sofa in the event that the kids harm it...I paid alot for a leather sofa when my kids were little, paid an extra $400 for the insurance...never needed it...there was nothing the kids could do that would hurt the sofa...My kids are all in college now...The sofa looks great, got better with age, while I look much older! Get what you is short

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Get the H&M you won't regret it. you might also want to visit the My furnture forum for more info.

Here is a link that might be useful: furniture forum

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I thank you all for your inputs.

I think I am the only person in real-life (not online) who understands the beauty of the H&M Chesterfield.
My DH and friends supported lindac's observation that the Chesterfield does not look like a lounging type of sofa. Yes, I agree, but I love it!!!

So I've been out-voted. We are getting some generic leather sofa. Let's see how long this thing lasts...

Someday...someday, my love (Chesterfield)...

Again, thank you.

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I agree about Duane at in fact look what he is just getting delivered to his store.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chesterfield Sofa

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I think you should buy the Metropolitan sectional sofa with Crystals. Its a chesterfield sofa, but it requires less maintenance because its fabric. Also, it looks elegant cuz of the crystals.

Here is a link that might be useful: Metropolitan 3 Piece Fabric Sectional Sofa & Ottoman with Crystals

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