Garage Door (yes another) Remote control range problem

jerrypstSeptember 20, 2007

I have a LiftMaster opener that I've had for several years and used to work just fine. Both remotes could open/close from the street. Well, I had a new door installed and the remote range instantly decreased to near nothing. The remotes have to be within @4 feet of the door! The new door is a Raynor - Centura, steel insulated. While I can understand this may cause interference this is rediculous.

So I went through all the suggested list of things to check, replace batteries, re-program the opener and remotes, check circuit frequency interference. Nothing helped. So, I ordered and installed a 'antanae extension kit' from Lift Master. This is a coaxial cable that attaches to the existing antanae and then extends outside the house and has @6" metal wand at the end. This did absolutly nothing. To verify, I detached. Range is still @4 feet.

Any suggestions?

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Does your range increase when the door is open? This really sounds like a logic board problem.

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No. Actually the range is about the same. The remotes have best range about head high, 4 feet from the door but to the side of center, and only slight increase with door open.

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I was thinking the new door may have cut down on the range but your antenna extender should have compensated for that. I really feel it is the logic board at this time.

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Yeah I'm with that. However, the reasons I didn't think that is it, is 1) severe decrease in range happened immediately after install of door and 2) I thought if it was a logic board issue, then the opener would be having other funky symptoms.

Any way to verify?

What do you think about this antenna extender coax cable being soldered directly to board where current antenna is?

Or go back to original antenna and extend the length and keep it pointed down?

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The logic board in these units is the brain and controller of every function. Any one can quit at any time. You can try different combinations with the antenna.

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Another reason I didn't think it was logic board, is because remote does work, just very very short range. So, to me the function is ok. But I'm not dismissing your thought.

If I was to 'make' my own antenna and try different lengths, what kind of wire is suggested?

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Any wire will work for an antenna. I'm not bothered by your doubts. Besides it's fun to tinker and learn.

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I had the exact same problem when all of the sudden my range went from normal to a few feet. Tried all the troubleshooting and no difference. Realized I had plugged in a small Coleman lantern to be charged about 8 feet from the motor unit. That was the problem. Amazing that a non-radio small appliance like that could cause interference, but I am 100 percent certain it was the problem. Think of anything new plugged in anywhere near the unit and I bet that's your problem.

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I belive have a key to resolve that mystery, so I've spent last weekend to find out issue (LiftMaster H4000-07 Genie). Go to main power box in house (with switches) and reciproce wires from one switch to another like foyet light and outlet to garage and outlet. Sounds funny but it works for my case.
It probably relate to induction of high friequncy in wires.
In case of success let me know.

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you drag up a 2 year old thread to tell someone to do something they probably do not know how to do safely? and then on top of that you cannot even talk in words folks will understand?

NEVER jsut switch wiring around in a panel unless you know what you are doing. you could throw off a MWBC and cause an overload. you could switch a wire from a GFCI breaker to another circuit and lose GFCI protection as well as cause almost instant nuisance trips. garage outlets should be on GFCI circuits, while many interior circuits are not.

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Ha ha ha - Well said! Guy sounded like "Peggy" from the Capitol One commercials.
Anyways, I am having the same problem w/ the garage remote in my new duplex. My neighbor told me he programmed his car's garage door remote fx & his door now opens up 1 block or so down the road! That's what I aim to try.

Good luck, let us know if you found another solution

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