Advice on building a garage

kathy68_ogSeptember 25, 2006

We have been planning on building a detached garage for years but other things have always come first. The kids are out of college now and on their own. It's time!!

We need space for two cars, storage, and a woodworking shop. At this point we are thinking of building a gable end 28' wide by 40' deep, single story, with some storage upstairs - at least enough to house the air cleaning system for the wood shop. I've been drawing up plans for years - dreaming is free.

We live in a rural area where building costs are less than the big city but I'm sure we should brace ourselves. It can be difficult to line up a contractor as they are all busy building mini-mansions. We will need the concrete work done for us, the framing and getting a roof overhead. We can handle it from there having done siding, windows, sheetrock, etc.

Does anyone out there have advice for us?

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I am in the process of building a garage now. Mine is a single story 24'X30' with 10' walls and a 4/12 roof pitch. I had the concrete done by a contractor. The slab is monolithic and is 4" thick. The cost was 4,000.00 US. The building is wood frame with hardie board siding and a metal roof. Building materials cost 6,000.00. The cost to have the building contracted out would have been 16,000 to 20,000 but would already be done. If you want upstairs storage you will want a steeper roof pitch to allow the space.

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jb317, can you share with us how you obtained the plans for your garage? Did you have them custom designed or did you buy them?


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My husband and I are also planning a garage (we're in the DC Metro area). 3 bays and a large workshop. Our original plan called for storage space upstairs. We contacted about 10 local builders in our area. Of those who actually responded (2) the costs were out of sight. 80 - 150k!! We scaled down the plan so that there is no storage space upstairs (this increases the lumber cost) and are working as our own general contractor. We just submitted plans we bought online to the local permits dept. We estimate cost to be around 50k. We're hoping to save on some costs by buying the windows, entry door and whatever else I can find off of Craigslist or eBay.

Size 30x60, 3 bays plus workshop, 8/12 roof (matches house), detached. Good luck!

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