Craftsman GDO wall unit light out, remote won't work

mel54September 1, 2007

As many have written, my GDO car remote suddenly quit working. The exterior garage keypad and interior wall buttons work fine. There is no light on the wall unit pad. I have changed the remote battery and tried to check the vacation lock, but without the wall unit light I have no way of knowing if there is a communication. I tried to lock/unlock several times, so that should have fixed any lockout problem. Could the exterior keypad code be interfering with or overriding the remote? I recently purchased the home and have no manuals. Sears/tech support won't help, they quit offering tech support unless purchase was within 90 days. Please help!

Model: 139-53964SRT

Remote dated 06/06, verified it has the correct three blue buttons. It worked well for about 4 weeks.

Exterior Keypad: May be generic, don't know if it came with GDO.

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Your remote may have just quit. There is a small LED near where all those white wires go that should blink rapidly if you hold the button down on the remote. If it does this you can try programming the remote. To the left of those white wires you will find a smart/learn button. While holding down the button on your remote press and immediately release the smart/learn button. If the remote still doesn't work then some part in your remote has quit.

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