I hate salmon

skeipFebruary 6, 2014

I mean I cannot eat a forkful of broiled salmon no matter the sauce, or how much wine I have to wash it down. I would have more success with cat food. I know how good it is for me, so this concerns me. I love gravlax and smoked salmon and lox. Do they have the same health benefits as broiled salmon. TYIA.

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This reminds me of the avocado thread. If you don't like it, don't force it. How about fish oil capsules?

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There is no good reason to eat anything that you don't like. Especially in your own home.

There are lots of foods that are good for you so skip the salmon.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Look for omega 3 sources that are vegetarian, like fresh ground flax seed.

One idea though, I don't enjoy broiled salmon that much myself and I decided to try using it in place of tuna salad, which I now wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole because of the mercury in it. So I use leftover cooked salmon and mix it with avocado in place of mayo, add celery and a small amount of balsamic vinegar and I do like cold salmon salad. I will put cherry tomatoes on the top and put some on a few lettuce leafs and it makes a nice lunch.

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My husband LOVES salmon - he told me he could eat it every night for dinner. When I would fix it for him, I would have some too but I didn't enjoy it at all and had to force myself to eat it. Finally I decided to quit wasting perfectly good salmon on myself and so now, when I make it for DH, I always make my favorite vegetables and a great salad to go with it and I fill up on that. I don't really like fish at all and I live in New England where people come from all over to eat this stuff. Yuck.

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DH hated salmon until we went to Alaska and he had freshly caught salmon grilled oven an open pit BBQ. It had garlic and brown sugar marinade.
Our across the street neighbor goes salmon fishing locally and we have it the same night.
So good!
And even better when they smoke it and share.

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Salmon is a strong tasting fish. Not every one likes that taste.

If you have access to a sous vide cooker, you might try cooking salmon at 120 F. The fish comes out creamy flaky, and milder in flavor.

I don't see why you would not get all the salmon benifits if you enjoy smoked (hot or cold) salmon and lox.


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I wasn't a salmon fan, but now have it once a week and love it. First, there are many varieties, all with a different flavor, sockeye ( I don't like it, way too strong a flavor for me) coho , and atlantic are some of the common varieties. I prefer Atlantic, it is usually farm raised around here, but is very mild tasting. Make up a rub in the following proportions Brown Sugar 1 cup, Paprika 1/2 cup, Kosher Salt 1/4 cup, Thyme 2 TB, - then put enough of the dry mixture into a small bowl and add enough olive oil to make a thick paste like peanut butter, then put onto the Atlantic Salmon and grill until it is 135, it will have a very strong taste of sugar and paprika, and you won't taste any bad fish taste.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I don't like the vacuumed packed fillets so commonly available even if they are wild and I don't like thin pieces either.

Thick salmon, and I love steaks, with crispy skin, is so different from the way many people experience salmon that it's like the difference between frozen spinach and fresh.
Just a thought.

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Before giving up on salmon, you might want to try gently poaching it in a mixture of diluted white wine or water with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice and then chilling it.

To me, it seems to have a more delicate flavor when prepared that way and I serve it flaked for salmon salad (most often as stuffing for an avocado) or as the centerpiece of a dinner salad like Caesar or this one with beets. In addition, I usually poach it the night before serving so it becomes a no-cook quick entree.

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Oh, gosh. If eating fatty fish was the only source for Omega-3 fatty acids in this world, then Mother Nature pulled a fast one on the people native to the plains states and vegetarians. In 43-years of marriage, I remember my husband eating fish twice, out of politeness only, but he sure gets plenty of Omega-3 from a lot of other sources.

Grass-fed meat and eggs are the more common sources. Followed quickly by beans, seeds (flax, pumpkin, chia, wild rice, etc.), nuts, and in the vegetable world - spinach, broccoli, kale and cauliflower. Even algae/seaweed is a source, and you can get vegan/vegetarian Omega-3 supplements made from it. I sprinkle kelp on food more than salt and pepper.

You may be watching too many TV commercials..... ;-)


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Oh great. Just put salmon and fresh dill on my shopping list. Gotta have Creole Salmon and Corn Chowder tonight. Then poached salmon tomorrow with cukes and lemon cream.
Cold salmon leftovers, yum. Poached on fennel stems i've got in the freezer.

From what i've read, the smoked salmons still have the omegas. It is just the usual 'smoked' warnings that still apply. Like anything i suppose, don't eat it every day.
Like mentioned, lots of things will give you your omega-3's. No need to choke down what you don't like.

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I don't care for salmon either, so I make it for the men folk (who all love it) and like Justsayin above I make lots of yummy healthy sides that I enjoy to serve with it. Everyone is happy!


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Sure there are other sources for omega 3's, but you likely won't get all the PCB's that "Atlantic" salmon provides. ;)

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Since you dislike conventionally cooked salmon (I'll just call that "salmon"), but like gravlax, lox and smoked salmon, it might be worth spending some time tasting and reading, to figure out (1) what the taste difference is, to you, and (2) if there is a way to prepare salmon that eliminates the objectionable taste.

Gravlax and lox and smoked salmon usually have very high sodium content. 6 ounces of lox has something like 3000-4000 mg sodium. There may be lower-sodium varieties, and you can make gravlax yourself with less salt too.

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Another recommendation: Arctic char. It's got the health benefits that salmon has, and doesn't have the contaminant issues that farmed salmon has. The farming methods are considered clean and environmentally friendly. And he best part - IMO it tastes better than salmon.

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There are definitely other places to get those nutrients, but if you really want to learn to eat salmon, I would try to avoid the more processed salmon. As a fellow salmon-hater (I don't even like smoked salmon, I'd rather go hungry!), I have found one salmon recipe that I actually enjoy. It's something I made for my salmon-loving husband and figured I could just eat the stir-fry part of the meal if I couldn't force down the salmon... but I actually liked it! The ginger flavor is so strong that it totally masks the flavor of the salmon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gingered Salmon Stir-Fry *I think this is the one I use, if not it's really similar

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I love salmon, smoked, grilled, sautéed, baked, pretty much any way. I like the sockeye best, but more often I have coho, wild caught here in Lake Michigan. The fresh Lake Michigan salmon taste completely different than those prepacked filets from gawdknowswhere and raised under whoknowswhat conditions.

Smoke salmon can be very high in salt, so I'd watch that, but smoked salmon does have the same Omega 3 content, as far as I know.

I often put a piece of salmon into the food processor, chop it into "minced", then add whatever suits me. Elery likes spinach and feta, I like onion, cracker crumbs, fresh dill. Ashley likes pineapple tidbits and teriyaki with a bit of brown sugar. Make patties and grill or sauté and they're something that pretty much everyone in my family will eat voluntarily.

That said, I think if you don't like salmon, don't eat it. I'm assuming you also don't care for mackerel or sardines? I feed my chickens a special supplement so their eggs are high in Omega 3 fatty acids and I believe you can also get Eggland's Best that are higher in Omega 3s. Flax has lots, and you can also get it from strange sources like fresh basil.

Studies have noted that the ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 is one that concerns health officials. They prefer no more than 4:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3. Hens fed vegetables high in Omega 3s lay eggs with a ratio of 1.5:1 (yes, that's 1 1/2, not 15) whereas supermarket eggs are closer to 20:1. Grassfed beef has a ratio of about 3:1, but commercial grainfed beef has a similar 20:1 ratio like eggs.

So, the much maligned grassfed beef, bison and wild game is a good source of Omega 3 too. If I want to make a burger, I'll add a bit of olive oil because my beef is just too lean.


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