Looking for a 6 feet round pedestal dining table

tj_shopperSeptember 23, 2009

I'm looking to purchase a 6 feet round pedestal dining table. I haven't had any luck -- most round pedestal tables are 5 feet with table extensions that makes the table oval instead of round. I would prefer a solid 6 feet round table where there are no extensions. Have anyone seen anything like this? I've only seen a couple and they are really expensive. I'm looking to spend about $2,000.

If you've seen something like this, can you let me know where and who the make is? Thanks so much!

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You are looking for a very unusual size table. I think the only place you are going to find a 6 ft. round, solid table is by going to a custom woodworker.

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I just thought of something in addition to my previous answer. Office furniture manufacturers often make 6 ft. solid round tables, primarily as conference tables. The all-wood tables are typically very expensive but if you shop an office furniture warehouse clearance sale you might get lucky.

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Russellyndon and Laura11106,

Thanks much for your comments. I did check out the website and was happy to see that they had a large round pedestal table. Unfortunately, the style is very modern and my taste runs more traditional. I am looking for an all wood table. Too bad there aren't too many out there for a more reasonable price. If this was my main dining table, I wouldn't mind spending more, however, this is going into my dinette area to seat around 8-10 people. I have a very big space. Currrently, I have one of those square tables that fit 8 but I don't like the legs.

Thanks again!

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I've been looking for similar tables, and we ran across a Bernhardt table that may work for you. It's a little bit small (68' diameter), though. The table alone can be found for under $1500 (excluding shipping) from some of the NC shops, but the chairs will push it well over $2k (not sure whether the price was intended to include chairs ...).

Here is a link that might be useful: Bernhardt Table

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cms22, thanks so much for your post. It is exactly what I am looking for! It is a few inches smaller than I would prefer and it is not a solid one piece top; but the price is great (I was looking only at the table--I am thinking about getting dark brown leather chairs). I will call around to some local furniture store to see if they carry it. I need to see it in person before ordering from any of the NC shops. Thanks again!!

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Arhaus sells a 71' solid wood dining table called the Asolo. It's solid wood and great quality. It's about $2500.

Here is a link that might be useful: Asolo table

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Thanks! I love this forum. I would never have seen any of these tables. I love this table too. It is very traditional, one piece and the right size. The store is also located in Illinois where I can see it. Thanks again. I'm going to try to get out there soon.

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We just bought a table similar to what you describe from The Dump in Dallas. I believe it's either 70" or 72". I think we paid around $1500. The top is one solid piece--no leaves.

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I know this thread is outdated, but I just wanted to mention that Stanley makes several BEAUTIFUL high quality dining tables that are 60" around and with leaves, I think they are 78" around.

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