Genie 1/2 HP Screw Drive Opener Won't Open

mes444September 30, 2006

We have a Genie 1/2HP screw drive garage door opener which suddenly stopped opening. It will close fine, won't open. We replaced the carriage, adjusted the force screws and the fine adjustments for the limit switches and still, it will not open. The screw engages and tries to open the door, but it just sits there. If we open it manually, we can close it fine using the garage door opener. Springs and cables look OK. Any suggestion or is a new one in order. If a new one, any great ones around rated 1/2HP or higher. Thanks for any info.

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Well I called Genie. They have the greatest customer service I have seen anywhere. Anyhow, after testing everything they narrowed the problem down to a stripped coupler assembly, a thing which grabs the screw drive and rolls it back and forth to raise and lower the door located inside the motor assembly. I wanted to post this in case anyone else has a similar problem. They are sending me one and hopefully all will work again. I just wanted to compliment Genie and recommend them both for a long working product and great help when it gets older.

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Not sure if my problem is similar. I have a Genie screw drive that will not opne, only shut. Only when I disengage once and engage again, I can then open it.


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I have exactly the same problem as areddy. If I close the door far enough that the 'closed' sensor switch is tripped, the door will not open unless I disengage enough to un-trip the sensor, then it will open.

I assumed it was the fault of the sequencer board since that's the board that reads the sensors, so I replaced it at a cost of $55. I still have the same problem.

I am at a loss as to what else it could be--it doesn't make sense that it would be the RF board. HELP!

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The good news: IT'S FIXED!
The bad news: It was my fault :-(

Here is the fix: On top of the wall mounted switch there is a small slider switch marked "lock". That's right, it was locked--I wasted $55 on a new sequencer board. I hope maybe this helps someone else as that lock switch is very easy to accidentally move when you're groping around trying to find the button in the dark.

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First always make sure the manual string is in the up position if not you have it set to manual open. Second you can test to see if the garage door is balanced what this means and can cause the door to not open all the way is some doors have 2 springs one on both sides new doors have one big spring at the top of the door this spring makes the door easier to open when the spring wears out the door gets harder to open hence the door is heavier, the genie garage door opener has a sensor inside of it which will turn the motor off is it senses the door is to heavy this is a precaution so the motor doesn't burn it self out. So this may be a possible cause of the door not opening in order to test this just engage the manual string pull the door manually up about 3 1/2 feet off the ground and let it go if the door stays still the spring is in good shape if it falls back down to the floor the spring needs to be adjusted (by a dealer) or replaced. Sometimes extreme weather like cold can effect the spring hence making if out of proper balance hence making the door heavier which will trigger the sensor in the garage door motor to stop at a certain point bacause it doesn want to burn it self out. So you can try taking a portable heater and try to warm up the spring a little along with lubricating the spring with oil or silicone lubricant if it hasn't been done in a while. Next if you find the spring is the issue you can always increase the power to the motor by opening the light panel (thats wear the light is housed) and in ther you'll see 2 black knobs one says open the other says close if you turn the open knob clockwise a little more that will increase the power of the motor when opening the door. But in this case you should only do this for a short time and eventually have some one like a Genie dealer come by and adjust the spring.

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Hi everyone,

Can anyone here help me? I want a second garage door opener, but am not sure how it works. My opener says Genie 1/2 HP Screw Drive Medallion Series. I can't figure out which year it was made in, and can't find a model number, so I don't know what frequency it sends. All of the universal openers I find talk about only working with intellicode, or certain frequencies, or genie in only certain years. Can I get a tip on how to find out what kind of universal remote will work with my opener? Thanks a lot.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Website

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The Scredrive in my Genie 1/2 HP is sheared, causing the door to skip when it is closing. Is this screwdrive sold separately or do I have to bye the entire Unit?

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The most common part to go bad is the carriage. You should be able to purchase one from any Genie dealer listed in the yellow pages.

GENIE Carriage Screw Drive 36179R.S/25589S

Genie screw drive carriage. Works with all Genie screw drive models made since 1970. This carriage has an embedded magnet in its frame to trip the excelerator magnetic limits. Otherwise, it is exactly the same model as the 25589S and will work for any screw drive unit that takes the 25589S carriage. The old part number, 34107R.S, has changed to 36179R.

To install carriage, remove the door arm from the existing carriage. Remove the nuts to the bolts on the screw drive rail to the front header bracket and slide the rail off to one side, giving room for the old carriage to be removed by sliding it off the end of the rail. Slide the new carriage onto the rail and replace the rail on the header bracket bolts and secure. Reinstall the door arm and engage the new carriage. Adjust limits, if necessary.

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Mine did this also. I replaced the motor capacitor. It works fine now. It's very easy to do. Unplug the AC to the unit, remove the screws on the housing, replace the capacitor. This can be done without taking it down.

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I have a Genie 1/2 HP screw drive opener that stopped working. When I press the button it hums and clicks. Can someone advise me as to what the problem might be? I don't see a serial number but it about 10 - 15 years old.

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House was struck by lightning 2 weeks ago while door was closed, and my Genie 1/2 HP Model IS550/A screw drive purchased about 10 years ago has not worked correctly since.

At first, neither wall switch nor remote initiated any action. Days later I manually released the carriage from the track and raised the door manually to take out the garbage cans.

Then pressing the wall switch started the motor, which would not shut off even after I unplugged it, reattached the carriage and plugged it back in.

I ordered a new sequencer printed circuit board and replaced it.

Now, as the OP stated in this thread title, my door will close correctly, but will not open. Attempting to open it starts a loud grinding noise and the motor continues to run until I press the wall switch. Pressing it again yields the same results.

RE: "Here is the fix: On top of the wall mounted switch there is a small slider switch marked "lock". That's right, it was locked--I wasted $55 on a new sequencer board."

I do not have the original wall switch. I wired it to a simple push button doorbell type switch, so I have no "lock" setting on it to change.

So my question is there some switch or setting on the sequencer printed circuit board that I can change to tell it that I don't have a "lock" setting on my wall switch?

Thanks in advance for your help

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Ordered new carriage for the screw drive and a tube of lube. Removed old carriage, saw teeth were chewed up, replaced it and lubed length of screw. Lubed all the rollers and hinges with WD-40. Works perfectly now and much less noise.

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