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rbanksSeptember 23, 2006

Never buy a Craftsman garage door opener. Who makes these things anyway?

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The low bidder.

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I believe that Chamberlain makes most (all) of the Craftsman openers.

I'm not trying to defend Craftsman but some of apparent dissatisfaction with their openers is simply a function of numbers. Sears sells a lot of garage door openers. Therefore it's likely that problems with Craftsman openers will be more prevalent than other brands. After all, very few people write messages saying how wonderful Craftsman is despite the fact that their opener may have functioned perfectly for 10 years.


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Good point(s)!

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Funny, I had guessed the point of the post before I even read it -

I have a Chamberlain opener and it hasn't misbehaved yet, but I've only been in the house a few months.

True Sears may sell a lot of them, but it does still seem as if they're overrepresented in the problem stakes - unless it's all one series that was a bit lemony.

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It's a bit like driving by the Toyota dealership on Monday morning and seeing all the cars lined up for service. What opinion would you make of Toyota? Chamberlain is the worlds largest manufacturer of door openers for one reason - Sears.

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We've had a Sears garage door opener for over 20 years. It's NEVER given us a problem. We've replaced the door already - not the opener. Just thought you'd be interested :)

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