Chinese made wood floors

vb123May 5, 2013

I am picking out engineered wood floors for most of the surfaces in my house and ran into this issue: Most of the floors are manufactured in China. Should I be worried? If it's manufactured in China, then most likely it's grown in China as well. I am talking about the good American brands, ie Johnson. I am told they are all made in China now. The exception would be the exotic woods companies from Brazil such as IndusParquet. I am worried about the polutants that go into the tree growing in Chine, the fumes from the glue that is used to glue the strips of wood together that creates engineered wood, and of course, the glue that is used to glue the floor to the concrete. Any advise? I like the Brazilian Cherry and similar looking woods. I love the color variation.

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Most of the time the trees are grown on US soil then shipped to china for finishing.

The problem with china is it can be really inconsistant. You might get a batch just fine but then the next batch could be a little off. Theres no regulation over there. While most companies selling it catch some of the worst issues that doesnt mean some bad stuff goes thru.

If you get a brand thats finished in america you are more likely to get a consistant product

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It should be fine if the product has a long structural and finish warranty.

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Read the fine print on the warrantys. All of them! Did you install the floor? Warranty voided. Did the installer prep the sub floor properly? No? Warrranty voided. Did you have a leaky faucet drip onto the floor? Warranty voided.
Did you clean the floor properly? No? Warranty voided.

My point is the warrantys are pretty much useless. The manufacturer will tear the place apart to avoid paying ANYTHING!

Dont buy a wood flooring product based off warranty.

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