sears garage door opener codes

clemSeptember 8, 2008

Our Sears 0.5 HP garage door opener(Model# 139.53635SRT) is ~12 years old and has worked well. Recently, it "auto-reversed" itself a few times after closing completely. Per the Owner's Manual, I made a minor adjustment to the "down force", did the 1" board "safety reverse system" check and all seemed well in our world. One morning a few days later, when the light inside the garage was still dim, I happened to notice that the green light on the back of the opener is blinking in a repeating series -- 5 blinks -- pause -- 5 blinks, etc. This continues door up or door down. Otherwise the system seems to be operating normally. Can anyone decode the 5 blinks? The only thing I can find in the owner's manual is that if "THE DOOR REVERSES FOR NO APPARENT REASON AND OPENER LIGHT BLINKS FOR 5 SECONDS AFTER REVERSING": CHECK THE SAFETY REVERSING SENSOR - - . Can't see that I've got a problem.there. Meanwhile (just went out and checked again) the thing continues to generate this non-ending series of 5 blinks.

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According to my Chamberlain "cheat sheet" for field use, 5 blinks of the LED light on the motor head means....

"Possible RPM sensor failure/Motor Overheated - unplug to reset."

1st things 1st - just unplug the machine for 10 seconds, then plug it back it. Sometimes garage door openers are like computers and other electronics - they just need to be re-booted to clear the system out. Do that and then count the number of blinks (if any) and let me know.

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You're right on target. In my original post I forgot to mention that I had experienced an "overheat" disconnect during the rigging process. I followed the owner's manual direction (wait 15 minutes and try again) and the opener operated fine. Didn't notice blinking light at that time. Manual does not provide code breakdown nor say to unplug unit to clear. I did just that and the thing is working fine with no blinking lights. Thanks again.

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I think too much information can be dangerous for some. Technical people like ourselves prefer to solve problems on our own - give us the tools and the knowledge and we're fine.

For others, too much information can be overwhelming and cause more problems than it does fix.

Glad I was able to help and that you were able to get your machine back to normal. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you out with.


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