Craftsman 1/2 hp Garage Door opener

chris_n_keldaSeptember 14, 2006

OK...I push the button on either remote or on the wall unit, and it starts to close, then stops, and I can hear a clicking after that for a few seconds that sounds like a turn signal in your car. I'm sure that it is trying to tell me something, but I do not know what that is.

Also, if I hold down the button on the wall unit, it WILL actually close the door, but that's the only way it will close. It is opening fine with all remotes and the wall unit. There is nothing in front of the sensors.

Am I missing something?


Gilbert, AZ

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What it is trying to tell you is the sensors in the doorway are not working. Most likely one of them has been bumped or somehow knocked off line. Each of them should have a small light that is on and not flickering. Tweak them some to align them properly. There is always the possibility one of the sensors is bad or the wiring to them is. The clicking you hear is the relay that controls the main light on the opener. If the light were working you would see that it blinks 10 times when you have a sensor problem.

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