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davestexasSeptember 30, 2011

My garage back-wall faces due North. In one corner there is a raised water-heater cabinet. The cabinet was enclosed with plywood and a particle-board door was used for access. There is a gap between the door and the wood-face....some are quarter-inch. This North facing wall has two large vented louvers for fresh air into the space...gas heater.

For years I tried various methods to seal this gap: plastic, different tapes(all of which eventually fail to adhere), that round insulating foam....which is useless, and rope-caulks. None of these are much worth spit. I know the best way would be foam in the can sealer, but that would 'hinder' access. The Winter winds find those gaps and having them unsealed is like having a large hole facing North 'cooling' off my garage in the cold months.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Build a better door??

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