Garage Door Problem

kayb222September 20, 2007


I move into a house 3 years ago and for the past 1 year I have not been able to open the garage door with the remote or the switch on the wall. I think the motor is fine however I can't open it. I just have to open it manually all the time. Please HELP.

Can I also get the 1-800 phone # to call for garage repairs.


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Are you sure there is power to the opener? The number for Sears service is 1-800-4MY HOME.

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I can't figure out how to post a new message so hopefully this will work. I have a Craftsman 1/2 hp opener that is about 17 years old. When I push the wall button or the remote, it clicks once, then a few seconds later, clicks again. The light in the front does not blink, the alignment is good on the sensors, etc. It doesn't humm, nor try to work, it just clicks. the litle green light on the back of the unit does flash however. I've disconnected the door as well as removed the chain to no avail. So I've figured out it's not a door problem, but rather an electrical problem in the unit. Any ideas? Is it the motor, the reciever logic board? Just trying to save myself from troubleshooting $75 at a time.


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Is that little green light on the back flashing a code? A number of flashes with a pause and keeps repeating.

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We own a 1/2 hp Craftsman garage opener
5 years of age, nothing blocking sensors,
Yesterday opened the garage - nothing unusual moved vehicle from the garage then the opener would not close the door. The unit hums after the wall and the remote buttons are pushed - nothing happens. The sensor lights indicate nothing they are not blinking and show a solid green color. I unplugged from Wall circuit (electric) attempting reset but nothing had changed? Any suggestions?

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Check to see if the trolley (the thing the door is connected to) is jammed against the bolt in front of the motor unit. If so, remove the bolt and then the door should close. On the side of the motor unit you will find the 'up limit' control. Using a small screwdriver turn this about 3 turns in the opposite direction of the arrow printed on the cover. Replace the bolt.

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