Mirage or Mercier Hardwood flooring

jax0408May 6, 2012

Hello all,

Looking to get feed back from everyone. I am looking to do my living room, dining room and foyer in hardwood (600 sq ft.). I have two kids 6 and 9 and a 65lb boxer dog. Some have suggested laminate but i just love hardwood.

Anyhow here is where I am at I am thinking Mercier hardwood Cinnamon red Oak or Mirage Maple Auburn. Is it worth the extra dollar or two to buy mirage or will the mercier be fine. Also my cousin will be installing so I would like the one that would be easier for him to install.

Also if anyone has any other recommendations that be great.

Thanks Jim

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I just tried some samples of the Mirage. The one we liked was the maple. I also had some Pergo laminate samples - about a 4" square. One fell out of my hands and landed on the Mirage and took some of the wood off and left a nice ding. At the flooring store they raved about this being the best and how hard the wood was but I was not impressed.

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Please, You can not judge the quality of a wood floor because it dented. All wood will dent, some easier than others. The quality comes from the fit and finish.
A knowledgeable flooring dealer will help you pick the right wood for your life style. Oaks and maple are medium hard woods which have served generations of users well. Wood is timeless.

With a 65 lb. dog you will need at lest a floor as hard as hickory. Maple and oak will both show claw marks from your pet.

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We installed Hickory in our kitchen because it was the hardest non exotic wood we could find. Ours was the natural varigatid finsih but I have seen hickory stained to match about any wood that has grain. Some maple doesn't

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