How do I stop a garage door from dripping rain on my car???!!!

lovetotinkerSeptember 5, 2008

Can anyone tell me of any product or idea on how to stop my garage door from leaking on top of my cars when open it after a rain?

I like keeping my cars clean, but after a storm, when I enter or exit my garage, the residual rain on the door seeps through the cracks of it as it raises and leaks all over the hood and roofs of my cars.

Is there a product that can be applied, like a really pliable plastic or something that will still move with the door and cause no interference with the operation of it, yet...trap the water inside or reroute it (keeping it between the door and the film) so that it doesnt leak on the inside of my garage?? Thanks!!

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Put a larger overhang above the door so the rain does not hit it.

It may need to be very large if you have significant winds during the rain.

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if the door is still wet enough to drip, then the ROADS are wet enough to have tire spray. water from teh door will be just that, water. tire spray will be water/mud/oil/grease/grime.

the real solution is to never drive yoru car when it has/will rain.

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How about attaching some kind of plastic/tarp to the underside of the tracks?

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Not driving is hardly an option and is a completely unrealistic response.

I would NOT recommend putting a tarp on the tracks either. This could cause a major catastrophe, damaging the door or possibly injuring someone. Nothing should ever be hanged or mounted to the tracks of the garage door. All it would take is one gust of wind for the tarp to get caught in tracks for major problems to occur.

Could you park your car outside during the rainy season? The car that is getting dropped on, is this a car that is not driven in the rain (a classic car or special interest vehicle)? If you must use the door, then I would recommend a durable, indoor/outdoor car cover to protect the other vehicle(s) in the garage.

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the not driving suggestion was meant to be a REAL solution to someone so ticky about their car they don't want a couple drops of water to hit it. if the door is wet, the roads WILL be worse. the OP said they don't like it dirpping on teh hoods/roofs of the cars. that is just a little too anal about car care since the car is already or soon will be wet.

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DavidandKasie - I agree with you if they are cars that have just come out of the storm or are just about to go into it - Get over it, what's the issue?

But, being "car people" myself, I can understand the OP's frustration if it is a fair weather car only (Deuce Roadster, '72 442, ZR1, Gallardo, whatever).

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I think you need a better grade of garage door. We have a very old wooden 18' door where all the sections interlock when it is closed and when it is open. A few drops could come in for the first foot when the door is opening but never leaks further then that in the garage.

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Thank you to all for your postings. I appreciate the feedback with the exception to a few that didn't offer a solution, but just posted to be a smart alek.

The issue and main reason for my post was to address the leaking and if there was a way to avoid it.
Whether I am covering my sportscars or my 'every day' cars, I still don't want to have to continually keep cleaning up a mess that may be avoidable. Taking pride in your home and of your vehicles is not anal, its commonplace when you own nice things - you like to keep them that way.

I may look into the overhang idea. That sounds like it may be the best option. I appreciate that feedback, and will look into the wooden door option as well to see how they differ from the one I currently have.

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Lovetotinker - I'm glad you were able to find some good ideas.

However, I think what most posters (including myself) are confused about is if the same car you are concerned about getting drips on is going out into the weather that is casing the drips, then wouldn't that car get wet/dirty anyway?????

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that was my point, the car is either going out on wet roads or coming in from them, so what is the big deal?

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You keep a bucket of dry chamois in the garage and wipe the card down after closing the door.

I have owned antique cars that were 'babied' to preserve their value.

Driving in the rain is NOT a desirable thing.

I even had lifts installed to keep one off the wheels when not being paraded, since that was about the only thing you could do with the type of tags it had.

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I'm a bit confused too, but perhaps it's a double door and his "dry weather" car is getting water from when it's opened for the "wet weather" car side of the garage.

--Get two doors
--Park the wet weather car outside
--Put a car cover on the dry car

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Yes, you are correct. The car that is getting dripped on isn't driven in inclement weather. It's just an innocent bystander :) It shares a stall with my everyday vehicle.

I wipe it down afterwards, its just the aggrivation of doing it so often during this rainy season.

Thank you again for all of your ideas

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what about getting a car cover then? a good breatheable one should help wick away the moisture and still protect the finish.

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One picture is....

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I would think a heavy duty plastic could be tacked to the back inside of the garage door. As the door opens, the panels will open in the direction that would not stretch the plastic. Any dripping water would be caught by the plastic and when the door closed what little drippings of water would collect on the floor at the base of the closed garage door. This little bit of water could then be wiped up.


" McDonagh"

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Not a bad idea!

I might try that as long as I don't run the risk of getting it caught up in the opener.


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Strips of rubber like the material used for rubber roofing will work better and last forever,
Caulk and screw with screws and washers to the door on top and below the gaps, when closed leaving a small fold for movement.

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