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ceciltSeptember 15, 2007

I'm am choosing between a Raynor Centura with a Marantec Q7700 opener or an Amarr Heritage with a Liftmaster 3280 GDO. The Raynor is $2,750 with lifetime on everything including labor and the Amarr is lifetime on everthing and 1 year on labor for $2,000 installed. I don't have living space above the garage but my kitchen is behind one of the garage walls. Currently we have a carport and we are enclosing the space so the kitchen wall is already insulated. Any opinions on these 2 options. I know nothing about Marantec. Thanks

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Couple things. Door is an 18'x8' and the Raynor dealer will upgrade the rollers to what comes on the Affina (top of the line Raynor door). The Affina is $3000 from them installed with the same Maranted Q7700. Thanks

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By upgrading the rollers they probably mean they will give you nylon rollers which is not a huge difference. Biggest difference in rollers will be whether they are 8 or 10 ball bearing rollers. 10 is better. Nylon rollers are just quieter.

I don't know anything about the Marantec Q7700. I would opt for the Liftmaster 3280. It is the best and most popular opener in the world. Both doors are evenly matched as far as quality is concerned. I have saw them both and they appear to be good doors.

Are you sure your first option comes with a life time warranty on everything? That means once it is installed you will never have to pay for parts when they break?? That does not sound right to me. I would double check that. I know of no one who offers a warranty like that.

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Here are the differences I could tell from the websites. ARe the differences worth spending $750 more for the Raynor vs. the Amarr:

1) Raynor is 24 guage steel (I assume both inner and outer skin vs. Amarr which is 24 guage outside/27 interior
2) Raynor is r value of 18 vs. Amarr r value of 9.19
3) Raynor has a baked on polyster finish vs. Amarr is baked on but i don't know if it is a polyster
4) Raynor might have the enuracote Hardware System as a throw in (this is extended life springs, track and hardware that are powdercoated and contain nylon rollers vs. Amarr which might be nylon only
5) More than likely a better warrany with Raynor
6) Raynor is Polyurethane vs. Amarr having polystrene

These are differences but not sure if they are worth $750. Thanks

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