Craftsman Chamberlain 1993 opener

perfesserSeptember 9, 2009

After a lightning strike it stopped working. Dead electric eyes, so I replaced them. Now both sender and receiver lights on, but opener still wouldn't work - completely dead from both wall and remote. Not even a relay click, but still 5 flash error message. Replaced logic board. Now there is a relay click followed immediately by a loud click from motor and 5 flash message, but nothing else. Tested motor from a separate power supply and it worked fine, both up and down.

Current status: door fully up (limit switch contacting up limit.) Chain is off. When I activate, the motor starts to run in the up direction (!) and immediately cuts out, followed by the same old 5 flash error message.

My conjecture now is that there is a partial short in the up winding. Logic board senses the motor is drawing too much current (can it do that?) and, thinking the door has hit an obstruction, it reverses the motor. Since the door is already fully up, it cuts out. Sound reasonable? Should I now replace the motor?

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The 5 flash error code is "RPM sensor or motor overload." If the motor starts down and reverses rather than up as you stated it could be the RPM sensor which is a small printed circuit board just in front of the motor. I don't think you will be replacing the motor once you know the price but you say the motor is starting to run so I don't think it is the motor anyway. I would also pull the logic board and check for burnt or missing traces on the printed circuit. Lightning will do this sometimes.

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I already replaced the logic board so I doubt that is the problem. At this point the only thing that hasn't been replaced is: (1)motor-capacitor (works on independent ps)
(2) limit switch (looks ok, and is purely mechanical so
I don't think anything that isn't obvious could go wrong with it) and (3) RPM sensor.
I'll try replacing the RPM sensor as you suggested - it's a lot cheaper than replacing the motor.

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