Garage Door Keypad Opener

scutanaSeptember 23, 2008

I own a craftsman 1/2 hp opener. I had a keypad on the outside of the garage door and it stopped working. I thought that it was the battery so installed a new one, but still no luck. I went to Sears and purchased a new keypad, and had the same problem again. The garage door opener will not even accept a code to use, but the garage door opener on the wall inside of the garage works just fine. I have tried different codes but with no success. I also bought a new visor opener and that will not work either. Does anyone know what could be wrong in this situation? Thanks for your help

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The keypad and your visor opener are both radios that send a signal to the receiver to open the door. The wall button doesn't. It is like a doorbell switch - wired directly. I would say your receiver has quit working. It is part of the logic board.

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my problem is the same but different :)
my keypad works -- so receiver is accepting signal- i can unprogram it and reprogram it
but i cannot program the clickers - have bought new batteries and a new clicker but it will not accept them - it doesnt make sense that keypad works, the hard wired door switch works as well

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swahili make sure the lock function isn't on. This is a function that can be toggled off and on by the wall control. If the light in the wall control is blinking, press and hold the lock button for 3 seconds.

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THANKS Don i dont beleive i have that (vacation) function on wall unit there is just the 1 button that i push to open or close the door and the light is solid green
its just not making sense that the keypad can be reprogramed but not the clicker

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could i buy another keypad the same model and use it ie: would they both work with the same #'s programed ?

does anyone know

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