garage door opener motor jumps but won't run

lou_ncAugust 27, 2008

My LiftMaster chain-drive opener quit working suddenly. I disconnected the trolley, took off the covers and watched. The lights come on, the unit will click and the motor will spin slightly (1/8 turn or less), then the unit stops instantly. If I press the button again it clicks. Press it again and it clicks, motor again turns slightly, and stops again, virtually instantly. I tried unplugging the unit, waiting a few minutes and replugging. No change.

Door is in the down position.

Trolley has been disengaged, garage door opens and closes smoothly, springs and alignment are good.

Gears are fine, I replaced gears and the sprocket shaft bearings about a year ago, all are good.

Any ideas?

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Sounds like it could be a failing circuit board.

There should be a part# on the back of the machine that starts with 41A_ _ _ _ _ _ (and then 5-6 numbers after). The number may also end with a letter (i.e. A, 1D).

If you post the number I can cross reference it and see if the board is still available or if it is obsolete.

Oh! And I will forewarn you, if the machine has been deemed "obsolete" because it no longer meets UL code, and depending on what state you live it, if you call Chamberlain directly, you will only be meet with an iron clad wall of "Sorry. I can't help you." Stinks, but their hands are somewhat tied from that standpoint.

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