Honda Generator Carb Problems

eecomAugust 15, 2007

I am having problems with my Honda EB3500 generator. It starts well, idles well, but when running full speed, it seems to miss a lot and not able to stay running under a medium load ("spit and sputter and backfire").

So I read a posting on this forum and took some of those ideas to the garage. I sprayed carb cleaner in the throttle area and in the fuel intake line to fill the bowl with the cleaner. That did not seem to do anything. I then removed the carb, filled the bowl with carb cleaner and gently agitated by holding the carb right side up, then up side down. When I purged the cleaner from the bowl some small "gum" flakes came out. I repeated that process 2 more time and the fluid appeared clear. (BTW: I could NOT unscrew the screws that hold the solenoid on the bottom of the bowl to get the bowl off the carb.)

So now it seems to run better but when I apply a heavy electrical load (10amp air compressor), and cycle power off and on (to get power surges), the generator motor simply dies (no more sputter or backfire). When it runs full speed with or without a load, the generator motor sounds like it is constantly "missing".

The plug looks good and I put in fresh 92 octane gas. The generator is about 6 years old and probably had 3 hours on it (not used too much). Living on the Texas Gulf coast, I would like to have it working for Hurricane season.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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First off your gen. is maxed out when trying to start your
compressor. your gen is 3500 " peak " watts at probably 10%
duty cycle. Your compressor will pull a MINIMUM of 29 amps
to start.Much more if starting under high head pressure. your generator actually stalls from over load. Second i dought you have a carb. problem. Check your ignition. The spark moduals on some of those engines are not the best. A constant high speed miss can be caused by flooding or very rich mixture. 92 octane is too high for that engine. It will run hot. good luck.

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