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babs711May 22, 2011

We are going to have a small exercise room in the home we're building. It will have a treadmill, some weights but will also be used for exercise DVD's (with impact), pilates, etc. What kind of flooring would be attractive, easy on the feet, yet not break the bank? I've searched and haven't come up with many options that weren't for commercial use. Thank you!

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Go for the commercial-use recycled rubber exercise flooring, such as what you find in gyms. Or, consider a cushioned residential sheet vinyl, sometimes called fiber floor, or a similar product.

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The place I purchased my carpet from steered me toward a "30 year pad" under my wool berber. I have a treadmill, a bowflex, pilates machine and an inversion table, so some pretty heavy items. I didn't want the machines to permanently "dent" the carpet. I also do some aerobics in this room. All was installed over 90 year old hardwoods.

Fast forward to 6 years later, and I recently moved all the equipment around. I am amazed that there is no denting in the wool berber at all. Everyone who uses the exercise room always comments on how nice and plush it feels.

I bought mine at a local store that had remnants- my room is not very big and one remnant from both products did the trick. Total 6 years ago, less than $140.

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I'm going to put cork in my wife's new exercise room. She mostly does exercise videos, step aerobics, stretching, pilates, and uses small dumbbells. I haven't decided whether glue down or click/floating.

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