Opinions on these trusses

ohmmm_gwAugust 2, 2014

House is in South Dakota. Built in 1977. The garage was a DIY project after the main house built. The garage has been through at least 31 winters so far here.

Obviously it's still standing. The truss connections are a bit suspect. And obviously old lumber from other projects was used.

The truss connectors are a mish mash of different types of steel plates, some plywood, some 1x. No consistency.

I was thinking of having drywall everywhere including over the OSB currently lining the walls. But am afraid that it will wind up looking like a roller coaster on the ceiling area.

24" on center W trusses. No roof vents on garage and no soffit vents currently.

Do these truss connections need to be beefed up?

Photos below...

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I wouldn't hang sheetrock on them as they are. I would be concerned that the gusset plates are undersized for even the current use.
The last pic doesn't show any nails through the gusset. How about the rest?

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On every other truss, it seems to be alternating along the outside walls, solid plate then the next truss has a mending plate with no nails...then solid plate on the next truss around the perimeter.

None of the mending(self nailing) type plates have nails.

Out of all the connections, I would say probably 8 or so are highly questionable.

Random selection of close up photos below.

I have never messed with trusses. Not sure what the proper plates are supposed to be or what the proper nailing pattern is for them.

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I would see how the bottom of the trusses line up.
If some are sagging, I would see if easy jacking gets it back in place. If so, then bolt on some gussets, to reinforce it. I would also bolt on (or lost of nails!) gussets and 2x's to reinforce where needed.
If the bottoms of the trusses are not lined up, you could shim where needed, before putting the rock on.

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