Stink in garage/Cleaning the floor question

tejas_ruthieAugust 27, 2007


I did a search in this forum for clean floor but didn't see what I was looking for. This seems like such a dumb question but here I go. We have a plain old cement garage floor. There is a stink in the garage. I thought maybe an animal died or something but I have moved everything, swept it all clean, checked all cabinets and there is no dead animal. The smell is still there; the only difference is the floor is swept clean. I guess we have to "mop" the garage floor. I have not done this before. Is there a product just for this? Or do you think just hosing the garage floor will suffice? I need a disinfectant really to do the job right. Maybe ammonia in water? My question sounds so dumb I am embarrassed.



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