Programming garage openers with Dip switches

dougfiveoAugust 17, 2009

I have a 3 button sears garage door opener (HBW1D3469). It says in the instructions that I can program one of the extra buttons to open a second garage door - which would be great because I have two independant doors. However, instructions then say to set dip switches to match the switches on the back of the opener itself - which I did. Voila, it opens my garage door. Question is, how do I program it to open the other door, which has switches set in a completely different pattern???

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Open the case and see if there is an additional set of dip switches inside. These will then need to be set to match the switches on the 2nd door opener.

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My neighbor opens my GDO with her I need to reprogram my GDO unit & trans.but I dont have a clue on how to go about it.I have a Craftsman GDO with a red smart button in the rear of the unit & my transmeters have switch sticks.

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If you mean your transmitters have dip switches it is an easy job. Change any or all switches on your remotes remembering they must match. Now take any remote and hold the button down while you press and immediately release the smart button. Your remotes should all work now if they all have dip switches and were all set the same.

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