W. Schillig furniture

wasabi3September 19, 2005

We saw some very nice sofas and sectionals manufactured by W. Schillig. I understand this to be a German company that has a showroom in High Point, NC.

Any feedback on the quality and construction of this manufacturer is appreciated!

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I used to work at a furniture store that sold Schillig. The quality and workmanship is outstanding. The leather is phenomenal.

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Thanks for the feedback.

After scouring many furniture shops with sectionals, we keep coming back to this one. Only drawback is a custom order for this sofa will take 5-6 months. Hmmmm...

Any more opinions out there before we take the plunge?

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A couple of years ago, we went through the same process as wasabi3. After months of shopping around, we came back to Schillig. Since we didn't want the chocolate brown floor sample that was available, we special-ordered the sofa we really did want. It arrived several months later, but I don't remember how many, because the wait is just really unimportant now, we are so happy and proud of our sofa. The design is unique, the fabric beautiful, and the workmanship simply superb.

Go for it, and may you forget your waiting period too!

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I'm curious as to which model, fabric, and configuration you purchased. I'd love to see a pic of yours. We thought we were set on the Heidelberg model, but went back to the store today and now we may be switching to the Hampton model. Funny, this store's floor model is also a dark brown sample. We also took home a few swatches to narrow down the color, which is getting to be harder than I thought.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm thinking now it will be well worth the wait (and price too, LOL!)

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GREAT! We saw a Schillig sofa we loved, the Heidelberg, which somehow fit me (5'3') and my DH (6'4') -- we've been having a devil of a time finding somethign we both liked, but this worked. It was so comfortable we felt like just falling asleep on it right there.

I'm VERY glad to know the sofa is good quality. the spring configuration is interesting and maybe gives it that special great feeling it has.

We were told that the microfiber, by Butterfly, is the best quality microfiber available. Is this true? Threedgrad, would you recommend the microfiber or the leather?

Whoo-hoo, my DH is going to be so happy!

Here is a link that might be useful: schillig's website

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where can you purchase Schillig sofas in High Point
Thank you

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We are looking at the Heidelberg, too, but can't find information about how well it's made. Corner blocking? hardwood frame? Spring construction? Anyone know where to find this infomation?

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I was really happy to hear all the positive feedback about Schillig. We saw a Heidelberg sectional yesterday, and were impressed with it. Reeeaallllly comfy and stylish!

Wasabi & Flyleft - Did you end up purchasing ? If so, what did you get? Are you happy with what you got?

Milos - The High Point location for Schillig is on their site at Flyleft's link. (Elm Street)

lottie - I'm sure your sales person can get this info. for you. I checked on the website, but didn't see anything.

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We got our W. Schillig in November. We waited around 3-4 months for it to arrive, which seemed like forever because we had donated our old couch when we moved. We literally had nothing to sit on in this house except kitchen chairs! Now that we have it we love it. It seems very well made & the leather is very nice. I never wanted a leather sofa, but I guess I had only sat on low quality leather sofas previously. Anyway, I'll try take a pic of it later today & post it. While we are very happy with the sofa we have been dissappointed with the customer service of the store we bought it from, Scan Design in Coral Spings, FL. First of all we were never called when they finally received the sofa. The yahoos that delivered it forgot the feet (we had oredered the rectangular metal feet) and when we asked where the feet were they dug around on the truck they found them. Then they started to put the feet on backwards, so that the big seam in the metal was showing! After they left we had to pretty much re do them because half of them were on crooked. Plus after rushing home from work early to be here for the delivery they were 6 hours late! Sorry for the rant! So yes we are very happy with our W. Shillig sofa, unhappy with Scan Design!!

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neverdone: we ordered in early November and are anxiously awaiting its arrival. We were seriously considering the Heidelberg, and walked in the store ready to order it, but then saw another model on display, the Hampton, which was a better fit for our area.

gin_gin: which model did you order? Would love to see a pic! I can relate to your ordering experience. The salesperson at the store where we first looked at the sofa seemed like they didn't want to give us the time of day when we started asking questions. But we went back (there are only two stores in our city that carry Schillig, and this store was the most convenient to us), and got much better service. After reading your experience, I may need to call the store to follow-up in case it may be in. OTOH, we're on the west coast, so shipping will be longer. We're still hanging onto our beat-up sofa until the new one comes in, then off it goes to donation-land. Glad to hear you're enjoying yours.

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wasabi3 - be sure to let us know how you like yours when you get it. What fabric did you decide on? I'm going back to the store tomorrow to look at the choices again.

gin_gin - I would love to see a pic too!

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neverdone: we ordered the sofa with the microfiber "butterfly" fabric in a sage green color. We borrowed several fabric samples from the store, and boy, I think choosing the color was tougher than designing our kitchen remodel! Our family room opens up to our kitchen which has sage in the color palette, so I hope it's a good choice. Another poster, Clueless, was kind enough to e-mail me a pic he had of their sofa in sage green, and that served as a good visual. Let us know what you decide.

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I too am looking at a Schillig sectional. Did anyone find a place to buy it in High Point. Please let me know.

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I worked at a furniture store that sold Schillig furniture. We had the Heidelberg sofa on our sales floor. It's quality is amazing....the stitching is impeccable. We were to give demonstrations on the butterfly microfiber fabric but I was too afraid to soil it :)...when you make your purchase you should be given a fabric cleaner spray with cleaning instructions. I know the wait is long but my philosophy is to buy what you love. Here is a link:

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Some stores might stock it in the fabric that you see on the sales floor so you don't have the long wait. Be sure to ask.

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We just purchased a brand new W.Schillig "Taboo" sofa with the adjustable arm rests. Simply put, this is an exquisite piece of furniture, from its contemporary high end looks, to the comfort, details, quality of construction and the incredible feeling leather, this is indeed a must have sofa. It looks like nothing else out there and the adjustable armrests allows to either lay completely flat in it or adjust for your seating preference. Very high quality and looks gorgeous in our small apartment living room. We are very pleased with this purchase and will continue to buy W.Schilling furniture for years to come.

Anyone considering Ligne Roset furniture should take a close look at W.Schillig's offerings which, in my opinion, offer the same quality for a little less $$$.

With a W.Schillig product, you simply can't go wrong.

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Re-Schillig Furniture

I have joined the Village Garden Webb as I must respond to some of the glorious comments made about Schillig Furniture - comments so good - did Schillig themselves write them? It is now 1 year since I placed my order (25th Aug.2006) for what I agree is beautifully designed furniture. The furniture arrived after a 3 month wait damaged although still in the manufacturer's packing. After a further wait, 3 months plus, the replacement arrived with the wrong legs and with the wrong handed, feature arms on the chairs. Again a 3 month plus wait for the two replacement chairs at £700+ per single chair (Havana model - $1400? each) - and again delivered, still in the German manufacturer's packaging with, this time, minor damage to the feature arms in each of the two chairs. An email to the manufacturer was ignored although, to date, my supplier has been most attentive. I most certainly would not recommend this manufacturer to anyone!!!!

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Oh no glesga say it isn't so. We have been searching for contemporary furniture for our living room and just saw Schillig. While the wait may deter us, we nevertheless were still considering a sofa/loveseat from the Uptown Collection in microfiber. How could your experience be so very different then all the others?

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I like Shillig. I am thinking about buying Bonnie sectional in grade Z 77. But the salesperson in the store also mentioned Elmo Leather. Anybody knows if it is good quality? It is more expensive but feels soft and nice. Anybody ordered? Any advice?

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I've had a long analysis paralysis on a Couture sectional. Frustrating headache is that the D wedge sectional, which I want, won't get through my very awkward apartment entrance. I'm getting closer to settling for the E corner piece instead. (I have an obstinate mindset. Somehow non-euclidean geometry will manifest itself in my apartment and the wedge can fit in!)

The Elmo leather (Z87 & Z97) is Swedish and apparently very high quality. Naturally, it is $$$. The price might fluctuate since they've had some restructuring owing to the decline in the automotive business. A consideration is that as nice and supple it is there is likely to be more maintenance issues (e.g., children, food and drinks).

I have eight Schillig samples (2" x 2") and favor the Z77/52 Chestnut. Not all colors are in all of the grades. Per a salesperson the Z79 has a more matte finish than the Z77 and she prefers the feel of the Z77.

Some good leather info is at the February 20, 2008 and May 8, 2008 posts by Duane Collie at the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardenweb Furniture 101 Q&A

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A customer of ours told us of this blog, and I thought I would give some updates. The Butterfly micro fiber is no longer being used and has been replaced by their Honey Bee micro fiber. This appears to be of the same quality with the same characteristics as the Butterfly, but there is a more limited color selection. They are still using the Elmo leathers which are top quality. Their construction and detailing are among the best, and we rarely if ever receive any of their products damaged. Damage can result if a dealer does not take the proper precautions to repack adequately before reshipping, and to also insure that the trucking company normally handles furniture.

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I work at the furniture store that sells Schillig. It is one of our best sofas. The construction is amazing, the leather is very soft and thick and the stitching is very well done. I have been recommending Schillig to all of my clients. Recently me and my husband bought a sofa, needles to say that it was Schillig. My husband decided to buy Serenity with the recliners. It is the most comfortable sofa we have ever had. Trust me when you start using the recliners you will not like regular sofas anymore. We have taupe color Z76/21 and we like it. We paired it with Amber swivel chair in the same color.

Here is a link that might be useful: Serenity Sofa

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After a long three month wait are Schillig Titan Tufted sectional arrived.IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT. We choose the cheapest leather and it is great. Had other leather furniture and always found it hot and sticky. Not this one. We were able to customize the fit perfect for the room. I recommend you study the various sectionals on line by going to the schillig web site and looking at their size and deminsion section. We gave the room size to the salesman and he did not maximize the size of each section. The schillig is extremly comfortable with out being a big over stuffed eye sore. I felt the price was high but now that I have the piece it seems a good value

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I love my Schillig too. Does anyone know if I can use Murphy's oil soap to clean it?

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We just ordered our second Schillig sectional! We already have the Arabesque in our LR, and ordered the Primanti (with matching ottoman) for our Family Room.

Hadn't planned on a couch purchase at this very moment, but it was one of those opportunities you want to "jump on" so to speak. While visiting family in Raleigh, NC, we saw an advertisement for a big "Retirement Sale" at Ambiente Furniture. We were familiar with the store, having been there during other visits, so we decided to stop by, more for something to do than anything else.

We sat on the Primanti and knew it would be perfect for our Family Room (another comfy couch!). We knew the sale price for the Primanti was a good one (having purchased and priced out Schillig sectionals before), so we decided to take advantage of the sale, and placed the order.

If anyone decides to check out Ambiente for a furniture purchase, I included the link to their home page. You can click on the "button" to download a flyer for an add'l 10% off floor models, too. (I'm not sure if the sale prices now are the same as those we saw--might have been special July 4th sale prices/discounts on top of the Retirement Sale prices at that time, but definitely worth asking).

Here is a link that might be useful: Ambiente Furniture

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FYI: We saw a Schillig sofa in Atlanta recently, and the sales staff informed us that they've moved all their operations to China.

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Schilling does make a high styled, well tailored set in very nice leathers and fabrics. You might want to ask your sales rep about the contruction of the frame and suspension as they don't give very much informtation on this on their web site. Anything looks good when it's new it's how it looks over time that you want to keep in mind. And how it looks over time is based on how the furniture is constructed on the inside.

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Our Schillig Arabesque sectional (living room) is now 4 or 5 year old and still looks (and feels) great. The one we'd ordered a year ago, the Primanti, was delivered in October-November of last year so hasn't seen much more than 6 months of use (family room). So far it's great as well.

Looking at it hyper-critically for the sake of this post; one seam (or pair of seams, forming the "tufting") on one of the cushions might not be 100%, perfectly straight (but surely within tolerance, it's that minor). I doubt anyone else would ever even notice it. Other than that, it arrived in absolutely terrific condition. We were quite impressed.

We are very happy with both of our sectionals.

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We are selling a W. Schillig sectional couch-Moonshadow 55930. It is dark brown, 5 years old, and in perfect shape. Also a purple chaise. My mother moved in with us, so she doesn't need anymore. All shrink wrapped, in a climate controlled storage unit. We are in Cumming, Ga.

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This seems good. I want some furniture for my living room. What kind of stuff they use and are they cost effective?

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