Craftsman Garage Opener Problem

robairAugust 14, 2009


I have a 15 years old Craftsman opener Model 139.53635SRT. I feel for the poor old thing hanging from the ceiling that long and putting up with me being cheap and wanting it to do more than what itÂs supposed to. Being a cheap $0^*@#$ I want to squeeze every bit of life out of it before IÂm able to cough up a couple hundred greenies.

A few months back it started getting sick. At first it started stopping halfway while opening or closing. Initially I tried again either with the remote or the wall button with some nice encouragement words and was able talk it into letting me in or out. After that it quit responding all together neither opening if itÂs close nor closing if itÂs open and started requiring some petting on the back and that did the trick unless IÂm on the outside. More recently it got really spoiled and started demanding more aggressive massages. Now between these different stages I checked all the external wires, I took the cover off and checked for any loose wires and inspected the circuit board for any shorts or burn spots but all seamed to be ok. Sometimes it works several times no problem. Then I noticed that the sensor light is lit but very dim. I adjusted the sensors but to no avial; buuuut, if I tapped the opener the green light gets brighter and it worked. Or if I unplugged it from power and plugged it back in it would be happy enough to let me open and/or close it. ItÂs getting annoying now and it seems to enjoy locking me out. I am at a point that IÂm even more reluctant to change it before I avenge my frustration. Any idea how to accomplish that?

I appreciate your response.

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It really sounds like your logic board is biting the dust. Problem is it is almost as much as a new unit and would be silly to spend that much on a 15 year old opener. Seems like now is the time.

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