Cushman Colonial Creations Hutch

jyyanksSeptember 15, 2006

My DH's grandmother sold her house and moved into a nursing home. She has this hutch from the 60's from Cushman's Colonial Creations. The hutch is huge, it's composed of 7 pieces. Is this worth trying to sell or should we just give it away? We tried craiglist but there's no market for this type of stuff. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Where are the pieces located?

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They are in Westchester County, NY

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This is a fine piece of furniture. They don't make it like that anymore.

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Thanks Patricia. It really is a well made and gorgeous piece. Unfortunately, its much too big to fit in my home or my MIL's. Not sure what we're going to do with it at this point, we may end up putting it on craigslist or giving it away to the person who makes the best offer. It really is a shame!

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jyyanks, if you are still reading, I just read in one of my recent design magazines a reference to cushman furniture. I wish I could remember which one...but anyhow it mentioned a designer or editor, who was buying up all the old cushman pieces he could find. If possible, you might want to try to hold on to it somehow in case it becomes the 'next big thing'. Sounds like you just don't have the room for it :-( anyhow I agree, it is a great solid piece.

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Find a furniture resale consignment store in your area and have them sell it for you. Thats your best marketing for something like that, plus they will usually haul it out of your home as well.

Duane Collie
The Keeping Room

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Do not give away the hutch and do not put it in a consignment store; that piece is worth some money and it only takes for a good decorator to see it and a sale will occur. That is a wonderful piece of quality furniture. I only have a little Cushman stool and I love it;I am actually looking for a matching stool for it; if someone out there has one, please, e-mail me.

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Ugh! I wish I knew this earlier. We sold in on craigslist for $100. It was painful but we had nowhere to put it as her house had sold and our house was under construction so we couldn't store it. Now that our house is finished, I wish we still had it.

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Holy toledo. If nothing else, there is a thriving market for Cushman Colonial on ebay.

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