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sam_bAugust 6, 2010

We're building a timber-frame carport.... well, a timber framer is. We have concrete footings with a metal bracket/footing bolted on top, then the vertical timbers sit in the metal brackets. The problem (for me, not the timber man) is that the posts don't go into the bracket all the way. He has put wooden shims beneath the timbers to prevent rot. I asked if he was planning on building some kind of boot/baseboard around the bottom and he said no... that the shims were a necessary evil. We quite like the industrial look of the metal bracket, so would love if it were left exposed as he intends to do. But, I can't handle the unfinished look of these shims.

If you have any timber construction on your home (porch, garage, carport, etc.), could you please post a photo of what the "feet" look like. You'll really help me understand this better if you do.

With huge appreciation in advance,


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The problem is with his logic; wood shims under a post end do not "prevent rot". The wood shim will trap and hold moisture against the post's end grain and maybe make it worse. The better shim against concrete would be thick sheet lead, IMO. If the wood post is sitting directly on the metal anchor, there should be no problem. Maybe the real reason for the shims is that the posts are too short?

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