GDO goes beyond limit switch setting

wiatordadAugust 19, 2007

I have a problem that I haven't seen mentioned yet. When I try to lower the door the Craftsman GDO (std 1/2 hp model) lowers the door but goes well past closing the door - the trolley runs until it strikes the wall bracket. I took the cover off assuming it was a problem with the limit switch. However, the limit switch seem to be set at a point where the door would shut off as it reached the floor, but the limit switch just gets bent out of shape. When raising the door the trolley goes to the limit then reverses about a foot then returns to the proper place.

We recently lost some appliances and telephones due to a near by thunderstorm. Did I fry the controller on my GDO as well?


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Sure sounds like the logic board has taken a hit. You can try cleaning the contact surfaces of the limit switch with some emery cloth or a nail file. Very remote possibility though.

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