Unheated enclosed porch flooring?

theresa2May 27, 2011

I'm looking for a proper flooring material for an unheated enclosed porch in Chicago climate. Will Cumaru tongue and grove decking be appropriate?

Does anyone use tongue and grove douglas fir anymore which was the traditional product used in this application? I'm reading that douglas fir is not a good product to use anymore because it is not old growth wood.

I prefer a wood floor, even if I have to paint it as it is more tradition, softer and warmer than other flooring.

There are painted interior wooded steps in this porch. Porcelain tile would be too difficult to make work from a depth perspective, by the time you figure installing cement board underneath. Also, with tile, I can attempt to stabilize the floor from movement, but I think the stairs would be near impossible.

I prefer not to use vinyl. I also would not mind linoleum, but I understand that it is hard to find someone with the knowhow to install it and there is also some question on the more environmentally friendly glues that don't hold up to extreme temperature ranges.

Carpet is definitely out because it won't hold up to dirt traffic in this heavily used mud room.

Please help me find something I can use. Thanks

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It's smart to think about climate when considering wood flooring. Cumaru comes from a tropical climate, obviously quite different from the climate of your home in Chicago.

Doug fir is still made tongue and groove, the most popular width being 3 1/8". It is still suitable and used across the country for porch flooring. What's great about it is it's overall stability, meaning it adjusts well to varying conditions. If you buy vertical grain (VG) Doug fir, it is near to the quality of old growth wood.

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We used prefinished tongue and groove mahogany and are absolutely thrilled with it. It's been in our screened porch in CT for 5 years now.

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Thanks for the suggestions. It's good to know the specifics with Douglas fir. I'm also looking into mahogany, but my concern is that it may be fine for a screen-porch but may not be suitable for an enclose application. The brochure I picked up for mahogany says that it needs adequate ventilation. Nowhere in the brochure does it say that mahogany cannot be used indoors. If there is anyone out there that knows if mahogany can be used in my application, please let me know.

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