Brown Paper Flooring

sonepiMay 3, 2009

Has anyone seen or tried this? I recently saw a news segment here in our city where they were showcasing a local artist who creates the paper floor using her own technique. She swears it's durable and can be used everywhere except a basement.

I've looked online and seen several sites that address DIY paper bag floors, but don't know how realistic it is to use in a kitchen and how durable it would be for most homes. The only people in the home are adults, no pets or young children on a daily basis, so it would not get a lot of wear except general traffic. There are occasional visits from young grandchildren and maybe an occasional splash of water on floor would be expected.

Any pros, cons and experience with this technique would be appreciated. Also any comments on putting this on concrete and vinyl floor would be helpful. Thanks.

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Wow, never heard of it. Looked it up and found a good link about it. Can't imagine it will hold luster very long, but maybe. Give it a try..Won't cost much. Don't spread the word too much as I wouldn't want it to put me out of business. Just kidding. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Paper bag look

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If you are looking for longevity of your final result, then coat with a professional-grade waterborne polyurethane.

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Maybe I'll try it in a small area of our garage first. It looks great, but wonder how well it will wear. I'll just add it to my long list of DIY projects.

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We did that on a wall a few years back! It was fun. We didn't poly it, but it was not meant to be walked on. Frankly, almost anything will hold up with enough poly. We painted over vinyl and it held up for years.

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I have an old (1981) BH&G Decorating Book that shows this. They suggested multiple coats of polyurethane, perhaps as many as five, and said that this would make it as durable as most floors. It looked sort of like brown flagstone.

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I think most of the instructions I've seen say 5-7 coats of polyurethane.

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i practised on a small pc of particle board and found that the urethane didnt act as a glue; the paper just dried up and never adhered to board. could it be due to using urethane rather than POLYurethane? Might gluing pieces down before polyurthane work better?

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