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mamimoSeptember 25, 2012

I have been looking for a leather sectional + armchair, and this forum has been a great resource for learning on what features to look for. Thanks all!

Now, I am ready to buy if I can find the right set at a reasonable price, which seems nigh impossible. I need advice -- is my budget unreasonable ($5K) for a good quality, made in US leather sectional + armchair? Is there a reputable dealer I can work with?

So far the ones I like are Lee Industries 1935/1296 and American Leather Lisben, and

1. Lee set price estimate from Crate and Barrel is close to $10K. The current 25% sale brings it down to $7-8K (not including 10% CA tax). Lee is a reputable manufacturer, but this seems tad high?

  1. American Leather Lisben estimate from Macy. Close to 6-7K, again not including 10% sales tax. The Macy salesperson couldn't explain the construction details or cushion upgrade options to me, and American Leather hasn't replied to my online query either. So I'm a little discouraged.

3. Heard about Alan Ferguson from this forum & contacted them via email and haven't heard from them either. Is there any other reputable dealer I can contact?


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Mamimo Lee and American leather are both have quality products. American leather uses hardwood plywood frames and some 8 way hand tied springs systems. I do think the 8 way hand tied system they are using are drop in units and not actually built in units with steel banding across the base. Lee I believe uses a true hardwood frame and they may use some hardwood plywood. I do think Lee is using a true 8 way hand tied suspension with steel banding across the base which is preferable. Lee is one of the few companies left in the industry using this type of construction. So from a construction standpoint the Lee product would last longer, hense the increased cost.

At $5000 I don't think you could find the constuction employed by Lee for the purchase of a sectional and a chair. I think the price range of the Lee set with these contruction features is actually not out of line.

In the $5000 price range you would have to look at products in the middle range. Palliser might be a good choice. They won't have the construction features of Lee but they are styled well with hardwood plywood frames and no sag units for springs. Palliser does use some drop in units in some of their sofas.

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Freethinker -- thanks, this is the type of insight that I was looking for.

From American Leather website, they used "advanced unidirectional suspension system" (is this some kind of webbing?) in Lisben, and 8-way hand tied was an available upgrade option, but Macys salesguy wasn't able to explain any of these details to me, which makes me reluctant to buy through them. I'll look at Palliser, do you know of any reputable online dealers for them and Lee?

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Mamino I have no idea what advanced unidirectional suspension system is, it could be a pseudonym for a no sag spring. If you can afford it my suggestion is to look for a traditional 8 way hand tied spring with a hard wood frame. I am not sure who carries Lee online. I don't think as a rule they allow online sales but there might be a stocking retailer who also sells online. I know several retailers carry Palliser if you do a google search for Palliser.

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If you know you want the Lee industries sets I would approach an interior designer who sells them. If you give them the order and the only work they are doing for you is placing the order and arranging shipping then you should be able to get exactly what you want. $5,000 isn't far from the mid-grade wholesale leather pricing (from Lee for chair + sectional). Lee and American leather are comparable and both fall into this category. If the designer you used is out of state they do not usually collect CA taxes.

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the Keeping Room sells Handcock and Moore leather.

His storefront is in Alexandria VA

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I believe the Lee couches sold through Crate & Barrel are NOT the 8-way hand-tied. I think they have "sinous spring suspension" or something like that. If you bought it from an interior designer, you would get the 8-way hand-tied. There may be a cost difference. So you may want to ask questions about the construction. Hancock & Moore is very nice (not Handcock). Also made in US.

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