Sears 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener

sunshine56August 24, 2006

Recently I replaced the large shaft and pully inside the opener. As the instructions stated, once I got it all put back together & all wires hooked up, I did a test by trying to run the new shaft to run clockwise one turn. I did not attach the chain/cable yet. The pully will only turn one way. I did look in more detail inside the opener, and found the two/three adjusting screws. As I did figure out I could take off the one small little wheel which runs the middle of the three screws, and manually run the sensor myself, I can rotate the middle screw to put the sensor to the end closer to the inside adjusting screw, then by putting the wheel back on and activate the opener with the remote, the pully will go to meet the other sensor then stop. But, upon pushing the remote the next time the light comes on and flashes 10 times, the motor makes a click noise, a little short hum, then just shuts off. Any idea as to what I have done by just simply replacing that shaft/pully???? Thanks in advance, Theresa.

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Theresa, lets start with the light flashing 10 times because that is important. That means your door sensors are not aligned (pointing at one another) or the wires are disconnected or bad. You did mention "all wires hooked up." Make sure the wires from the door sensors are connected properly. There are 2 solid white wires from the sensors that go to terminal #2 and 2 white wires with a black stripe that go to terminal #3. Post back and let me know how you are doing.

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