Dalton Paradise Carpet, advice?

kwajkidMay 2, 2011

We are beginning the process of replacing carpet in our whole house. We want something that wears well, and will work for all types of locations, including stairs.

Does anyone have experience with Dalton Carpet?

General advice on how to choose would be appreciated too! I know pretty much what color I want, but there are so many styles!


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work with a local dealer where you can go and see the carpet. All carpet is FOB Dalton GA. If you think your saving a lot of money your kidding yourself. Since most carpet is private labeled or each product has multiple trade names using your dealers samples to order off the internet is in my mind just wrong and your chances of having a problem is immense. Remember that about 90% of your happiness is in the installation of the product. If you want to gamble go ahead but do you think a car would be chepaer from 'Detroit Motors" vs my local dealer?

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