adjusting non-torsion garage door springs

cciaffoneAugust 3, 2009

Neighbor lady has an overhead door, with Genie opener, that

feels kinds heavy and drops like a rock when you release

the catch. I'd like to cure that.

This is not a torsion spring door! On each side there

are 2 coiled springs -- an eye bolt on one end and a

cable on t'other.

Do I just tighten the nuts on the eye bolts to increase

the spring tension resisting the drop of the door??

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Unless you have a really long eye-bolt, it's unlikely you could adjust it enough to significantly alter the door's tendency to "drop like a rock." My guess is that the springs need replacing. They're pretty cheap -- $10-$12 each at any home center and fairly easy to replace. Just weigh the unsprung door with a bathroom scale and buy the appropriate weight rating. Replace the cables while you're at it.

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Thanks for the response, Mike. I have only had a quick
look at the door while helping the neighbor get a
lost bird out. But the 2 springs on each side, and
the cables, looked really really slack when the door
was up. Are the cable lengths adjustable??

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"Are the cable lengths adjustable??"

Follow the cable towards the door.
One cable will go over a pulley and be attached to the door, the other will go to a cable clamp.

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