How do I fix (Replace) a sagging header?

willowbendAugust 10, 2007

I have just purchased a townhome that had the carport converted into a garage. They used cheap 2x4 trusses that have rotted and are collapsing. I want to replace it and do it the right way.

The current wall construction is 2x4 studs with 2x4 top plate and sole plate screwed or bolted into the concrete. I have 3 vertical 2x4s on each side of the garage door supporting the sagging header. Those are attached to yet another vertical 2x4 stud that is the wall.

Since it was originally a carport, the main structure is 2 C-channel steel beams (about 3x8, I haven't actually measured) that run the width of the carport about 4 feet in from the front and rear. The roof is flimsy corrugated metal and supported by the steel.

The garage door way is ~16 ft.

There is an automatic garage door bracket that has to be (re)mounted to the header.

What should I use as a header that will not sag?

Will 2-2x12s work, or will they sag over time?

Could/should I use angle iron or something to reinforce them?

Are 3 vertical 2x4s on each side enough to hold a pair of 2x12s?

Thanks in Advance,


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You need a lot more information to design the header.
Roof pitch and snow loads right off the bat.
Header span tables are all over the place.
The problem is in knowing how to compute the loads.

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