Tinted Polyurethane?? HELP, I want stain

annieecampMay 1, 2011


Can anyone help me? They are getting ready to sand my floors tuesday. The floor guy has never met me or asked what I wanted for stain/finish. I am in a panic. My contractor said to come up and bring up a stain I like (I have know pieces to test stain on) and they will mix it 3 to 1 (with polyurethane do you think?) that day and I will OK it.

!st of all, I want a farely dark stain. 2nd of all, who asks the homeowner to custom mix their own stain? Wouldnt' you think the floor guy would have gotten an idea what I wanted and then proposed 3 or 4 options on the floor for me?

Also, is this the way to do a floor. I thought they would stain the floor and then put 3 coats on it.

I don't think that I want the method of adding stain to the finish.

Any comments/ideas

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This does not sound good to me. First of all, you only mix stain with polyurethane to 'correct' problems with a final result. Stain, dry time and then coats of finish is the way it is done. But, perhaps, this method is something new, although I have never heard of it.

Second, your premixing the stain is a cop out for the sub and the contractor. If you aren't happy with the result, it won't be their fault...it will be yours.

Third, this sounds very unprofessional to me. You are wise to be concerned.

Fourth, definitely have the floor person do samples and then only proceed with the work after you are happy with the sample color.

Fifth, It appears to me that you are working through a general contractor, and that puts you at a slight disadvantage when trying to work with a sub. However, you have a right to inquire about a subs qualifications and skill to give you what you are paying for. You even have the right to know the brand name of the stain and the type and brand name of the polyurethane.

Good luck!

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Coloring urethane darkens the whole floor while stain that you wipe off shows the grain in the wood. There can also be compatibility issues when mixing stain and urethane. Sometimes urethane can be colored with paint tints or dye but refer to the manufacturer for recommendation.
The person that is going to sand and finish should be the one that makes the color samples. Different sanding and application techniques result in stain coming out either darker or lighter.

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Using color in the clear coats also means than any scratches show that much more since you have also removed some of the color coat.

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