Garage Door Panel Replacement

busybmeAugust 21, 2008

We need to replace the bottom panel on a 15 y.o. wood garage door. The company that manufactured this door is no longer in business to supply us with a new panel.

It is a flat panel with no contour. I have searched online and have not been able to find any reference to others DYIing this project.

We have a total of 3 garage doors: this one is 16' long x 8' tall. We have one quote for pro replacement and it was quite pricey. The other option they gave us was to buy a new door, which would neccessitate buying a total of 3 new doors to maintain asthetics (which is very pricey).

Has anyone replaced a garage door panel before? Any tips or suggestions to share?


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the spring assist can kill you. i say let a pro do it.

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Well, the thing that you are running into is that wood is considered a "custom" product. And since the company that made it for you is now out of business, you're asking another manufacture to custom make a replacement panel for some other company's door.

The thing about garage door sections is even though they all look similar, they all go together differently. Each make, model, and sometimes each generation goes together like a puzzle. It would make things a lot easier for everyone (contractors and homeowners alike) if they were interchangeable, but that doesn't exactly protect the brand or the profits for the manufacturer.

What area do you live in? I might be able to put you in-touch with a few manufacturers that would be able to make you (1) section or at least a replacement door that could match the other two.

Also, how badly damaged is the section? I have run across some manufacturers that are able to repair existing doors (depending on how bad the damage is).

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I'm sorry to be so late in getting back to you, sierra. I was gone for the holiday weekend.

I live outside of Indianapolis, IN. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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No problem.

Well, more than likely you will have to turn to a custom door manufacturer to build a replacement panel, but with so many manufacturers producing "carriage style" garage doors, I do not think it would be difficult for you to get a replacement door that would compliment the remaining two.

Holmes Garage Doors was an extremely popular wood garage door manufacturer. The company was purchased by Clopay Corp. several years ago and the brand was phased out on the West Coast. It is however still available east of the Mississippi.

A manf. that we work with on the West Coast has a facility in Old Fort North Carolina. They may be able to build you a replacement panel. Or, their company offers custom designs which generally do not add anything to the overall cost. Re-reading your original post, it sounds like your door is fairly simple. If you have flush exterior panels, I don't think it will be difficult for them to build a door to match the others. The East Cost division of Carriage House Door Company is 877-668-1601

Good luck and let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

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We need to replace the bottom panel (6) on a 30 y.o. wood garage door. The company that manufactured this door is no longer in business to supply us with a new panel. This is our 2d replacement
It is a flat panel fitting into a raised contour square. I did not have a problem w/obtaining a relacement 12- 14 years ago but do not remember the company I ordered from via phone. Anxious for your reply.

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Wow, Charlotte! My original post is almost 3 years's funny that I was still notified of your reply. : )

We did find a garage door company that had access to custom wood panels. I couldn't tell you the name of the company right now, but they were local here in Indiana. The new panel matched perfectly, they charged a resonable amount to install it, we painted the entire door and it looks good as new.

Good luck!

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I been shopping for a replacement garage door for a while and there are so many styles available that it would hard to believe that not one of them in the marketplace would be a match to your present garage doors. Have you do a search of Carriage doors? I think they are dozens of styles in the marketplace that I saw. I sure you can find a style that will match your present style. Try this link for starters:

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