dang! can't find the tax returns

talley_sue_nycDecember 15, 2003

applying for a HELOC; conditional approval; need to send in tax returns for last 2 years, plus W2's.

No sweat; W2's w/ the tax-return copies; copies tidily kept in envelopes, all stacked messily (but stacked) on top of shelf.

Get down envelope for last year. Find 2 tax returns--one for each kid. No parental return.

Where the HECK can it be? There may be an extra W2 (you know how you get 4 copies but need 3?), but not sure.

I guess, if I can't find it, I can ask the tax prep lady (she charges us enough!) to see if she can print out.

But still....here I thought I had all this organized and in one place!

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Pain in the butt, ain't it, TS?

Is it possible that the dog might have eaten them? In that case, they'd be pretty well shredded before they reappeared - so you wouldn't have to worry about confidentiality.

Maybe it would help to consult the folks over at "organizing" - (prior to next time's need).

Good wishes for the coming week.

ole joyful

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Thanks, joyful--as you saw, i found them. Just can't find those blasted pay stubs.

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