GDO only travels in one direction. Please help. Tnx

JoeAugust 15, 2010


I have a 1993 Craftsman GDO, model 139.53636SRT.

Recently the door will only stay in the open position. The LED is ok, and the transmitters are working fine. The safety sensors are also ok and aligned. It only wants to travel in the open directions. The limit switch assembly is fine. I believe the board went bad..bc when the switch hits the up contact it should sent the signal back to the board so it can rotate the opposite direction. Any suggestions?


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You are correct. The relay on the logic board or the board itself could be bad. Either way it is a new board.

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Hi Don,
I found a logic board from model 139.53970srt. My model is 139.53636srt. The controls are the same, the schematics show the same connections. Same voltage rating etc..and they both refer to a replacement board 41a4252-6. Do you think it will work? Thanks for the help.

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The part number for the board should be printed on them. If they are the same number except for anything after the dash they will work. The number after the dash just refers to engineering changes.

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Hi Don,
Yes the numbers are the same just the one after the dash are different. Thank you so much.

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