g. door opener constantly humming

cheryl_pAugust 2, 2007

The Chamberlain Liftmaster our builder put into our newbuild has a constant buzz - door open, door closed, it's constant. Only unplugging at ceiling stops it. Builder says he's had it checked and there's no problem..... there will be though if that thing still buzzes and final payment comes due! Seems at very least this could compromise its warranty & at very most be a fire hazard potential. Can anyone offer suggestions? Thanks.

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Sorry, folks. I didn't check the past postings far enough back. Sounds like alot of you have buzzing Liftmasters. Even though some of you humorously shrug and just "deal with it", it is downright irritating to me. Think I'll keep at my builder....... seems like a very poor product that I paid $$$ for!

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Cheryl get the model number off your opener and call this number. 1-800-528-5880 That is the number of the manufacturer and I'm sure they will help you. It may help if you can be near your opener when you call. There must be an answer to this problem. I would really appreciate if you would post back with the results.

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I ran into this problem a couple of weeks ago with a brand new Liftmaster opener. I ended up replacing the circuit board. I could not pin point what it was, but it was something on the board buzzing. I have not heard back from them.

Liftmaster is a very good product. Even the best have a flaw from time to time. Have someone put a board in it and it should be fine.


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