Help - Receiver wireing screwup? Won't open. No diagram

meagainAugust 24, 2009

I screwed up. Wanted to see why my garage opener light wasn't working. Saw what I thought was a broken white wire, reattached it where I thought it should go - Nothing works with it in or out.

Genie GR390-12 receiver with 3 wires attached to old Moore O Matic Sioux 72 1/3hp.

Plug in wall has 2 wires (red/white) coming out of it. White one was not attached (I think it was?)

Genie receiver has red spliced to the above red wire with tape over them.

Genie's black and white are attached fine.

I can't find any instructions/manuals on anything. What do I do with this white wire (if anything). I just can't figure out why this all stopped working as soon as I take off the plastic lid (basically) Thanks

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The hardwire buttons works fine to open/close.

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I fixed it. Not sure exactly how though.

Now I need the light bulb to work.

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Try unplugging the unit and using a small screwdriver pull out on the center contact in the light socket. Works sometimes as it gets smashed.

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Tried that. No dice. The connectors seem ok. Solid. IDK. I do have a tester but it has multiple settings on it and I'm not quite sure how to measure to see if it has juice.

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