trusses: price of regular vs. storage

heimertAugust 3, 2007

Having a detached garage built as part of our home project.

We're using prefab trusses. Right now they're spec'd for standard trusses, that won't allow any storage (other than flagpoles, fishing rods, etc.)

Any sense of how much more storage trusses would cost? Don't need full attic trusses, since there won't be enough head room or desire to use it for living space.

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The garage I am designing will have an apartment above, so I am looking for info on this subject too.

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Here's what I got back: About 30% more for trusses that allow some storage (20lb/sq ft), but really only between the trusses (i.e., parallel to truss) and about 100% more (i.e., double) for trusses that create a box and allow 40lb/sq ft.

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Thanks heimert

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If it's 100% more, you should price out conventional framing.

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or consider this system. i think i'll be using it

Here is a link that might be useful: lumber link

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I just purchased 30' wide, gambrel attic storage trusses. Paid $104 per truss. They give me a 16' wide by 8' high attic. Spaced 16" on center I get 100+ psf floor load.

I know its not exactly what you are looking for, but it might help.

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