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blgrosSeptember 26, 2008

Stopped at the Duxiana store yesterday. Beds look great and feel great in the store. But geez, $6000 for a bed? Might be worth it if it really is the last one you'll ever buy.

European Sleepworks advertises around here too. Cheaper than Dux, but still high.

According the the brochures, these guys say that the big stores sell lots of names, but there's really only a couple places where beds are made. They push firm mattresses, because it takes longer for those springs to wear out. They use cheap foam, which loses its shape in a couple years. They recommend flipping the mattress, because then you move the sagging parts to the bottom.

Better steel in the springs, more of them, and latex foam ensure the top brands last for decades. And they are eco-friendly and chemical free (which, if true, is appealing).

Given that you can't rent a bed for a week to really evaluate it, who do you believe? Do these more expensive brands deliver? Are there other brands I should look into?



Oakland, CA

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Had my king DUX for about 6-7 years. It was OK during that time. Got a all latex matress and matching box spring and thinks it's great.

Wife still uses her queen DUX in the other bedroom and loves it (I snore loudly..:-)

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Have you looked into the Simmons Beautyrest Black Collection? We bought ours at Macy's and are very happy with it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Simmons Beautyrest Black Collection

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what I like about the black collection is that a lot of the models come with removable pillow tops (not just the cover)....that's what usually gets worn and can be replaced...I recently got one (not a Black but from the hotel group since I slept on a particular model called the Felicity II)....and really like it...

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My bed is a few years old but it's a Beautyrest and it's comparable to the Black collection. It's my second Beautyrest because I really loved the first one, but eventually it needed replacing.

I did quite a bit of research before buying a new bed and most of what I read said that no matter what, a good quality bed would need to be replaced every 7 or 8 years. Now if you weigh 50 pounds you may get a bit more time out of it.

Base your purchase on the best bed you can afford that feels the most comfortable to you, but don't think it will last a lifetime because it won't. Most warranties are limited.

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While lifetime sounds very optimistic (unless you're very old), I don't think 15-20 years is out of the question. Some people are harder on mattresses than others. As with fuel economy, YMMV (your mileage may vary).

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You might try Royal-Pedic, a west coast brand that's high end and very very nice. The standard cotton/innerspring mattress and box spring with a 3 inch latex/wool topper will run about $4000-4500 in a king size, about $1000 less in queen. This is far superior and has a great feel for the price range. We looked at many high end sets including Kluft, Shifman, Hypnos. By far the Hypnos was the best, hands down, but was quoted at $8000 for the Eminence (a bit over the budget to say the least). You should take the time to find a dealer and try the Royal-Pedic. We purchased a set 3 months ago and have not slept this soundly in many years. Our previous set was a top of the line S&F purchased 7 years ago (and it felt like 100 years ago).

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Since you live in Oakland, cross the bridge into SF and check out McRoskey Airflex mattresses. They are on Market Street, near the city hall. The showroom is at street level, and they manufacture them 'upstairs' - as they have for over 100 years. Well worth the visit!

I bought our McRoskey queen nearly 25 years ago. It is still "as new" feeling. When our kids grew out of cribs, we bought each of them a McRoskey too.

Here is a link that might be useful: McRoskey

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Had a Dux for about three years. I liked it, my wife loved it.

We got a Tempurpedic for the guest room. We tried that, I loved it, my wife double-loved it.

We've been sleeping on a Tempur for maybe 10 years now. No regrets.

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I have a FloBed Latex Mattress that has split cores with 3 latex cores on each side and a topper over this with a soft zipped up mattress. There are no fire retardant chemicals due to the organic cover have a layer of soft wood inside. I was able to move latex cores around to get my comfort level and exchange latex cores up to 90 days.

I had to live with a bed rock hard for years and this time around, I need I wanted to be able to tweak a bed to fit my needs and comfort as well as not out-gas since I am chemically sensitive.

I have had my bed for almost 1 year and 5 months now.

Here is a link that might be useful: FloBeds Website

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There is a lot of propaganda out there about what is good in a mattress. Try not to listen too much to what sales people tell you. They will tell you the information they want you to have to buy the bed they get paid the most off of.
I worked at a mattress store and learned tons. If someone tells you the coil count, make sure you ask the guage of wire. Thin springs will poop out quicker than thicker springs. Warranties are hog wash too. They will only warranty a "dip" in your mattress once it meets their pre determined depth. This depth is WAY deeper than what you would deem uncomfortable. Also keep in mind that you need a mattress protector. It automatically voids the warranty if there is any stain on the mattress cover. Even if it isnt something gross.
I bought a spring air for myself years ago. It has lasted about 6 years and I am starting to not only feel, but see a dip.
My best friend has a Beautyrest Black. She hates it. It has dipped on her in 6 months.
We are both looking into Termpurpedic Luxe.

Also, you really cant compare apples to apples when matress shopping regular coil mattresses. They make mattresses different for every store. It may only be a minor tweak, but they are not the same.

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All things considered I think Tempurpedic is the most comfortable mattress, last the longest and has the highest percentage of satisfied customers.

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As per my experience you should consider memory foam mattress because of its foam and durability.

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I purchased a memory foam mattress that has latex in it. It's a Luxe-Pedic and I think they are only online but have a return policy. I considered Flobeds and Tempur-Pedic and some others, but the combo sold me. It's awesome and very good quality. Second choice was Tempur-Pedic.

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What furniture shops nearest near you aside Duxiana?
I've been there a year ago but yet cant find other stuffs for matresses, and bed room furniture until now I just found out this furniture online: http://www.empirestatefurniture.com

It is more reliable and light for pocket.

Here is a link that might be useful: Modern Furniture

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