Craftsman Craftsman Garage Door Opener Remotes won't program

DA1117August 16, 2012

I've seen a number of posts on this issue, but I'll throw mine out here as well. I have two Craftsman GDOs, similar other than the HP, about 3 years old. Both run fine and will accept programming from the outside keypad(s), but not from any of the remotes. I have tried all the steps in various ways, keypads work great, remotes do not. As others have stated, I refuse to believe that all of my remotes have gone bad, or that both of my GDOs have gone bad (but still work with keypads). I have tested/replaced batteries to no avail.

Also, one GDO has one bad light socket; but I haven't checked the voltage or for a bent tab yet.

The only other thing to note, we have not used the remotes for about a year, just using the keypads. (Wasn't room in the garage for a car, until recently.) Any way the rolling code could get "lost"? Nevertheless, 4 remotes that won't talk to either of 2 GDOs!!

And let me clarify what I have tried on both:

1. Erasing codes by holding down the button for 30 seconds. (works)

2. Pressing the GDO button, then holding down remote button (per mfg instructions) [no luck, on any of 12 buttons].

3. Pressing the GDO button, then pressing and releasing buttons. (per user suggestion, no luck)

4. Pressing and holding remote button, then pressing the GDO button. (per user suggestion, still no luck)

5. Pressing GDO button, then typing new code on keypads and pressing enter, this works on both.

We are all getting annoyed at having to get out of the car to open/close the door. Any ideas? Thanks!

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You haven't used the remotes for about a year. Have you tried changing the batteries? I didn't see that mentioned.

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My wife's remote for the garage door that she uses had gotten quite unreliable. Testing the battery showed that it was like new for voltage output. So the battery and contacts were buffed with a rough cloth ( don't use sandpaper or anything that will damage the plating) and now it works perfectly.

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