Flexstel sofa and love seat?

changelingSeptember 27, 2007

First off, I know absolutely nothing about furniture/sofas! I would like to keep cost to $2500.00 delivered (Frederick Maryland 21770) if at all possible. I've heard that a considerable amount of money can be saved by buying from North Carolina, but have no idea what store. A manufacture called Flex Steel sent me some literature and i kinda like what I saw but have no idea what it costs! What I want: No Leather! A love seat/sectional type sofa that is "no more" than 65 inches long, and a sectional that is around 100 inches long. What would this cost from Flex steel or another manufacture that you guys think I should look at instead. I've been reading the posts and John WC seems to really know his furniture. I would really appreciate him or anyone for that matter helping me, for as I said in the beginning I know very little along these lines. Thanks guys, Changeling.

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I'm a Flexsteel dealer in Alexandria, VA, about an hour from you (when traffic isn't horrid!).

There are several models of Flexsteel sectionals, and it does take some planning to put them in a room space so that its done right. Best bet is to do graph paper scale drawing of your room (doesn't need to be fancy, just accurate) and take that to a store where they can show you how to fit a sectional to a given space. A little planning makes for a successful project. In most sectional systems there are several pieces to choose from and usually at least two corner radiuses depending on how tight your turn needs to be.

Can't say yea or nay on your $ 2,500 price goal because it depends on the model picked, the components, and the grade of fabric. You need to make your selections first and then work up the prices. As a ballpark figure, most Flexsteel sectionals run about $ 2,400 to $ 3,200.


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Can you send me the color brocures of the models I described? I need any and all information on the sectionals including the names of parts, dimensions, Etc, you know what I mean.
If you can send this information please respond here, and I will send you my home address.
Thank you, Changeling

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Sorry, there are no brochures to send out. All they give to the dealers is a master catalog book. What you can see on the Flexsteel website is as good or better than anything that can be sent out. Al dimensions are on the web as well.


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Sorry Changeling, I have been missing in action for a while. I am not a fan of Flexsteel. The purpose of a sofa's spring system is to resist and distribute weight. That is the beauty of a coil spring system; it displaces weight in proportion and direction to where weight is applied. Flexsteel uses steel "struts" and if you imagine the displacement from the side of the sofa, a strut spring will displace more in the middle portion than at either end, consequently the tendency for cushions to get out of shape. There have been posts about Flexsteel in which other members encountered this problem.

However, there are two other practical aspects to consider:

1. Fabrics do not wear as long as they used to so, in a sense, coil springs versus struts or S springs, is not the debate it once was. However, in my opinion and experience, coil springs are more comfortable.

2. The second consideration is cost. One mfg. to consider is Temple. Their sofas utilize coil springs and the company stands behind its products. I cannot comment on the price point because I have been away from the market for a while and it heavily depends on the frame and fabric you select.

Good luck!

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Interesting comments, John. I've had zero complaints on Flexsteel as a dealer for them to date. Most customers like the quality/comfort/price point balance on the line.

Having said that, I agree with you that nothing beats a nicely designed 8-way hand-tied deck for comfort, but there are none our there at the Flexsteel price points.

I had a Temple dealership and gave up the line. Too many quality control issues along with inconsistent product comfort across the line. Some pieces would be fine, others pretty much the opposite.


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I wanted to comment on dcollie's observation of Temple
furniture. I ordered a sofa and loveseat that was supposed
to have an inside seat depth of 24 inches. The sofa came
20 1/2 inches deep and the loveseat came 23 inches deep. After I complained to Temple, they changed their website measurements to 22 inches. I kept the furniture because it's in a living room that is rarely used and I love the
fabric. I would never buy another Temple product again.

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WOW! I didn't mean to start an argument! I just said I like the "Look" of the Flex steel sofas. However after viewing them I have a hard time calling them "Sectionals"! To me a sectional is a sofa that you can mix and match with sections to get the size/length you want in any direction. After looking at Flex steel it seems there idea of a sectional is a main sofa and a shorter one! In my mind, this is called a sofa and a love seat, am I wrong?

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A sectional is a sofa and a love seat joined together with a corner unit. Some models are only available one way, others have several different pieces that can be put in the mix.


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Something that I simply don't understand is why most of the furniture manufactures will not send information such as color pictures, etc, of the style you are interested in? That is if you can even get an email address for them and they answer! Is business so good for these companies that they can just reject your requests? I don't care how well a sofa is made if I don't like the look of it! Respectful of you guys a lot of these recommendations call for finding/going to a store that caries that line. Now I don't know about you but I can't/won't travel a hour or more to see if I just like the look of it! Something is totally wrong here! Changeling

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Manufacturers want you to work through their dealer network. They do not want to establish a working relationship with a customer as that usually ties up their office staff for hours on end. It would be like calling GM in Detroit and asking for a brochure for a Silverado pickup. Go to your local dealer where they can get things for you promptly and answer your questions.

Manufacturers are also keenly aware of internet price shopping and want to keep their local dealers solvent. Therefore they don't do things like list all the dealers on their national website, don't send fabric or leather swatches, and sometimes will not send out photos or catalogs. Everyone has a job to do, and the local dealer's job is to work with the retail customer.

Another thing too, is email can be overwhelming (if you even make it through their spam filters). Most manufacturers right now under NOT doing well, and are asking their employees to do more and more in a workday - not hiring a lot of office staff. Answering email from retail customers is right at the bottom of the list of things that need to be done in a given day.


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That would explain why I've not heard from Hancock & Moore after filling out a request on their website for the nearest dealers for their furniture?

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Its better to call H&M direct and ask them who the local dealer is in your area. Its not easy to locate their main phone number (not on their site) but its 828-958-8235.


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I love my Flexsteel sofa and chair and a 1/2 I purchased this past May. The quality of the pieces are excellant, and my only complaint is the stuff is so heavy, I will never be able to move it! Just joking as I think that is a sign of quality as well.

Retail on the sofa was about $1900 but purchased it for $950 by using a dealer in NC. Chair was $750 and delivery $275 to PA so a real bargain and quality furniture we would never been able to afford otherwise. The cushions are very heavy, another sign of quality and hope to have this furniture a very long time.

I have the Temecula style a very large and deep cushioned sofa and very comfy and easy on the eye.

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I got my brochure from Hancock & Moore. It took several weeks, but it did come.

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Is there a "Large" dealer in NC that you guys would recommend I contact for information on sectional sofas such as the FlexSteel, Temple, etc. i appreciate any and all information. If I don't make a decision soon, I'm going to be sitting on the floor, LOL. Changeling

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Let me tell you about my experience with my retailer and manufacturer (FLEXSTEEL!). I was given NO care instructions for my black leather sofa/chair from the Flexsteel Latitudes Collection. I was first told by my retailer when I complained that the black color was coming off, that "NO", I wasn't supposed to condition or do ANYTHING to the leather! When I emailed Flexsteel, they referred me to Global Care LLC-Leather Masters (they carry leather cleaning & protection products). They also told me to contact my retailer. (I have been going round & round with both of them!) My husband proceeded to email Flexsteel & asked how to care for their leather furniture. They told HIM he just needed to clean it w/a soft cloth & no after market treatments were recommended. THEN, I found a Flexsteel care brochure online that told me in detail how I needed to care for my Flexsteel leather. When my husband confronted them with this, THEY REMOVED THOSE PARAGRAPHS FROM THE BROCHURE!!!!!! HOW DISHONEST IS THAT!!!!??????

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