Must see in Vegas?

neetsiepieJune 8, 2012

DD and I are going to be in Las Vegas for a couple days...I know we're spending two nights, possibly 3...and we're going to a concert Saturday night, then flying out with the sunrise the next morning.

We don't gamble, and have no desire to go to any shows, so we are hoping to catch a few fun sights while we're there. I know that there is the fountain/dancing waters that is a must see...but any other fun recommendations?

We'll be spending the first few days in Los Angeles, going to Disneyland one day, and I am hoping to meet up with my childhood best friend, as well as go see lots of family. DD will probably want to hit Melrose, and we've got a plan to go to a couple sites on Sunset (the Rock Walk Wall of Fame is on the list). I'm from So Cal, so I know all the great spots to hit up there. If I can talk her in to it, we'll go to Vegas Thursday night, so we have all day Friday to sightsee and Saturday to lounge at the pool while prepping for the big concert that night (the HIGHLIGHT of our trip).

Given this is whirlwind, can you please list Las Vegas must sees with some alternates, if we have the extra day? Thanks!!

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I was going to suggest the Liberace Museum, but it is closed.

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Bellagio Fountains - but go inside to see the Dale Chihuly glass ceiling. They also change their garden/conservatory seasonally.

The Venetian is beautiful - lobby, hallways of the shops.

The Secret Garden at the Mirage is beautiful - lots of spoiled white tigers (Siegfried and Roy's) and dolphin habitat.

Who are you going to see in concert? If you decide to see another show, Carrot Top is always funny. DH saw Terry Fator and said he was hysterical. Mystere is my favorite show. DH's is Jersey Boys.

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Oh yes, I forgot about the Bellagio...I am a huge fan of Dale Chihuly, so I must see that!

We're going to see Poison and Def Leppard-they're touring along with the Rock of Ages movie. Their music features prominently, and I am the BIGGEST fan of Def Leppard. They're not touring in the PNW, so I have to go see them in Vegas. Yeah...HAVE to. Haha. DD and I are ready for the heat and's been raining and cool still here.

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Must sees but no shows? That IS Vegas! I second Mystere as a must see. Many like the other Cirque shows,too, but I think Mystere is the best. Even if you've ever seen Cirque in one of their travelling shows, it cannot compare to this production. It is enthralling.

Liberace museum was a favorite, too; so sad it closed. Not enough of us who remember him, I guess.

If you can rent a car for a few hours or find a tour, Red Rocks Canyon is close and you may see wild burros when you go. Lots of people take a helicopter tour to Grand Canyon from Vegas.

I haven't done it but there is an indoor skydiving place that looks pretty fun...and I don't know how old you are, but Menopause, the Musical is playing and anyone around that age should see it. funnier than I can say.

or maybe

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Mystere rocks! Over the years they have cannibalized it to spread some of the talent around to their other shows, but it's still the best. You already know that the fountains are the biggest draw. Just amazing. No first trip to Vegas would be complete without gorging oneself at a buffet. Not any old buffets are these. Try one at Bellagio, Wynn or Cosmopolitan.

If your husband (or you, for that matter) is a car freak, there is a great classic gallery at Imperial Palace.

Here is a link that might be useful: car show

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Another vote for the lobby and gardens at the Bellagio. I also enjoyed touring the other hotel/casinos on the strip. They each have their own distinct personality/style. We stayed at the Paris with a view of the fountains at the Bellagio. One day we walked one direction on the strip, and the next day we walked the other. It's been 5 years, so I haven't seen the new City Center complex, and I believe that there is also a new Wynn. I really liked the original Wynn. It actually had a calmer, less frenetic atmosphere than the other casinos.
If you have extra time, go to Fremont Street, which is the "classic" Vegas. Make sure you go at night for the Fremont Street Experience.
And I also recommend Mystere.
I'm also not a gambler. We were there for 3 nights and I think I played one penny machine.

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I'm glad to see we are not the only ones that think Mystere is THE BEST Cirque show. lol

We don't gamble either. What was fun for me was playing quarter slots. Part of the fun was pulling the arm down. They you get a 'card.' That's no fun!!! I walk away if I loose $5. lol We go for the shows and it's a place DH can walk and walk, never get bored.

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I was there for a convention not long ago and did do the shows in the evening and then on the last day before going to the airport my co-worker and I drove out to Hoover dam. It is really not that far and if you haven't been I would think it is worth the trip.

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Just 30 minutes away from the strip! Gorgeous. Wonderful hiking and at least worth the drive through. Small park fee. If you have access to a car, this is a MUST see.

Here is a link that might be useful: Red Rock Canyon

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I was going to suggest the Liberace Museum, but it is closed.

Maybe it'll reopen after the movie comes out.

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I was in Vegas in March for my birthday. I use to love to gamble but it's not my cup of tea any longer.

We did go to see the Cirque show (the water one) and I hated it. It's not cheap either, but affordable.

My friend loves Donnie and Marie and bought the tickets before we got there. The thought of seeing D&M made me cringe. I didn't care for them when I was young. But, you know, it wasn't half bad. In fact I liked it better than that Cirque thingie. However, I wouldn't recommend it unless your a fan.

Ron White the comedian was there a few days before we got there, now that's someone I would of loved to see. Gawd, he's funny.

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Some great suggestions, thanks! DD and I will probably take a walking tour of the Bellagio and the other chichi casinos, then spend time lounging by the pool. The drive over from LA will take about 6 hours, and Saturday night we have an epic concert to attend...then we fly out VERY early Sunday morning.

She's going to go back down in September with her girlfriends, and some of my girlfriends and I are considering a trip down, too. When we do that, I will definitely consider a show or two and plan to see Red Rocks, too. This trip is just going to be a quickie, to fill in some time before the concert.

I've never been before, so I expect once I get there, I'll definitely want to go back!

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Def Leppard is one of the only bands I didn't see :( was pretty heavily into them; have a lot of their music. I remember when they came back after the accident. Was very hard to see him like that. No clue if tickets were hard to get when they came back; would have loved to see them. I have a feeling there are a lot of people in my shoes lol

I've seen Poison; Valentines day in the 80's; then ran into CC Deville at the Whiskey. I used to love Rikki Rockett!

Have fun! I know you will.
Very sad about Liberace. I can't imagine what will become of his estate. They could be bringing in major money if they advertised right; hitting the kids that are into bling.

Here is a link that might be useful: Liberace Museum Offers Many Lessons for Historic House Museums (2010)

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I know you're not interested in shows, but we would have to see Penn & Teller.

We are likely passing on the Def Leppard/Poison show here or will maybe get lawn seats.

I have a HS friend in Vegas, and I really need to get out there!

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We saw Viva Elvis and Jersey Boys when I went with my girlfriends a little while back. I am a HUGE Elvis fan, and girfriends werent, but they LOVED the Elvis show. Jersey Boys was very good too.

I miss the old Las Vegas! My parents took us back then and so glad I knew how it use to be. Maybe I should embrace this new Las Vegas, but, when driving around there and seeing all the new places, and the old hotels not there anymore, really makes me sad! I just loved the ambiance of the old Vegas. Now, there are some wonderful places to eat now, where used to you had to seek them out. But, I loved playing Keno when getting tired of playing slots, and I think someone there said one place had Keno now, and I went there and they said they just stopped recently. Vegas just plays to a new and younger crowd now. Must me making money, or they wouldn't have done it though.

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