Replacing GDO box (motor) only. Which one?

v1rokAugust 24, 2006

It appears that my LiftMaster chain-driven 1/2HP GDO circa 1999 is dying. (See my post a few lines below.) Looks like the problem is with the motor. It might be just easier to buy a new box and attach it to the existing assembly. The chain, the drive, the springs appear to be in very good shape -- I don't see a reson to replace them.

Can I just buy any LiftMaster/Sears/Chamberlain chain-driven motor (the whole box you attach up to the garage ceiling) and put it in place of the old one? I am wondering if the chain connection to the motor would be compatible? Are they pretty much standard for this manufacturer?

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There have been a few changes and I think the biggest one is the t-rail has been changed to a channel. I'm not sure this is true in all models and you will need to do some checking. I would opt for a new opener. The installation of a door opener is pretty simple if you follow the instructions word for word in the owners manual. It also gives you some valuable experience with the adjustments, what they do and how important they are. I hope you consider this option.

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have you verified that something isn't wrong with the door or the springs that is causing the opener to act up?. With the opener detached from the door, does the door move freely and stay in a half open position by itself?

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